Luke Perry, Generation X, Music & Mixtapes

mixtapes and gen x

With the recent death of my heart-throb, Luke Perry and the passing of music icon, Mark Hollis of ‘Talk Talk’, This Generation X’er is in mourning. I know midlifers have several generational reps right now but my generation, Gen X is usually pretty quiet on the news front.

I was born in the 60’s but grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Yep we had our mixtapes like this generation has their digital “playlists”. MTV was born and we chanted, ‘I Want My MTV’ at every teen dance club party we went to. We had it so good. There were big hair bands, disco, punk, alternative and pop. We were an eclectic group and you could see that any Thursday through Saturday night at the college bars and nightclubs. We actually danced. Not like the kids today who seem to think dancing is humping each other on the dance floor to some sic beat. 

We were devastated when Rickey Wilson of the B-52’s died, Michael Hutchence of INXS, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Teena Marie, Robert Palmer and even The Notorious B.I.G. They all played a part in my life. So many more passed. Too many to name. But Gen X is grateful for all the great music and movies that shaped our lives. 

Watching 90210 in college and arguing over who was hotter, Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Ian Ziering or Brian Austin Green. Those were the days. Now Luke is gone, the list is getting shorter.

I guess we are now realizing our mortality. Our generation was probably more influenced by music and TV than any other generation. We loved to party and didn’t really care about anything except dancing, drinking and hanging out. Let someone else save the world, worry about war and destruction. We just wanted to dance. And stop the world and melt with you. We were a love generation. I miss that.

Bring back memories for any of Y’all?

Cheers Y’all

9 thoughts on “Luke Perry, Generation X, Music & Mixtapes

  1. I was an eighties girl all the way. Big hair, shoulder pads and MTV baby! I didn’t jump on the 90210 bandwagon…. but I admit a part of me died when Freddie Mercury left this world.
    Mixed tapes? Da bomb.
    I think it’s why I still love my iPod… the ultimate mixed tape machine.

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  2. 70’s born, 80’s-90’s raised…oh I was a 90210 devotee too!! But for some reason, I was more drawn to Ian Z? Prob cuz he was the “jock-ish”!!! 🙂 But I can certainly appreciate this post…I SO MISS my CASSETTE TAPES!! And did you ever try to “record” songs from the radio…By placing your “boom box-ish” radio right next to the radio actually playing the song which you were trying to record?? And the phone which “tethered” you to the wall?? OH the GOOD OLE’ DAYS!! LOVE YOU Blogger friend =D

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