Make America Better….


Sorry, had to do it. (demented laugh). It’s like click bait. You don’t want to even read it but you can’t not look at it either. Don’t worry not going political! Just wanted to remind everyone that it’s not all bad out there and here’s why:

I was having lunch with girlfriends the other day. We got to talking about “God moments”. You know, when something happens and you know 100% for sure God was involved. My friends mom was elderly and living in a nursing home. She visited her mom daily and often volunteered in the home as well. She was slated to go on a trip to Italy but was feeling guilty with her mom not being in great health and was soon going to pass.

While in Italy, my friend was really worried about her mom and was praying for a sign that she was ok. Then her phone rang. She thought the worst. But when she answered, the nurse from the nursing home said, “your mom refuses to have her hair washed today, and we just wanted to let you know.” Seriously? My friend was laughing and felt the calm of knowing her mom wasn’t just ok, she was her regular self! God moment!

All that leads me to my weekend. Big Daddy and I headed to Myrtle Beach, SC for a weekend get away. Our youngest was playing in a lacrosse game there on Sunday so we made a weekend out of it. We had a great time by the way. We went out Saturday night to a few beach shops when we saw lots of fire truck lights and police cars ahead. I kinda panicked because I knew my kid was on his way to Myrtle with his team. So I quickly texted him and found he was already at his destination. Then we drove by the accident. The first thing I saw was a body under a red sheet. I had chills everywhere. He had been on one of those three-wheeled motorcycles. He and a car hit head on. He didn’t survive but I found out later his wife had been on the bike with him. She survived and was in stable condition.

Life can change in an instant. I think sometimes we have to be reminded of that. We live in a world now full of politics, hate, selfishness etc. It’s hard to find the good or “God” moments. But you have to look for them. They are there.

Leaving the coast to head home we stopped by a Hardees for a quick lunch. I’m not a fan of their burgers but their milkshakes are really good. (I don’t know why I’m fat. lol) We were walking in behind this little old lady with a walker. She was hunched over so bad I couldn’t fathom how she drove herself there. My hubby held the door for her and it took a few minutes to get her in and I had to pee so bad I thought I was going to die!

While we were eating we noted the employees knew this woman by name. She must go there a lot. When her order was ready, an employee brought out her food, helped her up, walked her to her car, helped her get in her car and stood there waving goodbye as she drove away. (Still don’t know how she was driving) I told the woman that was the nicest thing, her walking that lady out like that. She said that lady comes in all the time. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to help her get to her car so no big deal. Plus we will all be old someday!

Yep, we will.

I stopped at my local Chic-Fil-A this morning and got a biscuit. I bought the police officers breakfast that was behind me. Not much of a big deal or anything, but it was a tiny act of kindness towards someone else. Someone who would be putting his life on the line today like he does everyday. So buying a little biscuit and coffee for the guy wasn’t anything, but maybe his day would be a little better because of it.

It’s out there. You  just have to look for it.

Cheer’s Y’all!

14 thoughts on “Make America Better….

  1. Great post. God moments, God whispers. I’m such a believer. I was in line at Winn Dixie a few days ago. The elderly woman in front of me tried to pay for her groceries with an EBT card—food stamps. She didn’t have enough on the card to pay, so she started putting stuff back, first milk then cereal and other items. I told the cashier I’d cover her groceries. “Everything except the ice cream,” something made me say. I think it was a God whisper for me to pay for the groceries, but withhold the ice cream? That was strictly the devil talking.

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  2. Paying it forward…. my favorite concept. We had one recently. While at the hospital visiting a friend, we saw an elderly woman trying to help her disabled husband into a van. We stopped to help and thought nothing of it. Hours later after having a big ole alcohol filled seafood dinner at a costly restaurant, we asked for the bill but the waitress told us it had already been taken care of. It was well over $100, and we were dumbfounded. When we asked who had paid it, she described the couple we had helped at the hospital. Turns out he was a life long missionary pastor and wanted to thank us. Two days later we anonymously bought breakfast for a table full of veterans. I’m not a religious person, but a little kindness goes a long way.

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  3. I’m beginning to think that God has abandoned America. And yet, here we are, smallest voices on the planet and yet God can still hear our fading, faint calls out for help. I am astounded that the movie ‘Unplanned’ is doing so fantastically. No newspaper will publish an ad for it. No radio station will broadcast any advertisements. Twitter dropped and blocked its account. Twitter will not show it as a leader, despite the millions of ‘likes’. Ditto for other forms of social media. And yet, the movie is doing very, very well. Its what the people want to see but what the liberal left will not show. That’s the hand of God IMHO. We are the faintest of voices yet we still are being heard.

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      1. Hubby and I plan to see the movie to show our support for the movie. And to think what i going on in GA with Alyssa Milano having 100 celebrities boycott the movie business there because the state doesn’t support infanticide. What kind of a country have we become?
        Thanks for your post. You said what many f us feel. I will look for God again.

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  4. You are so right! God moments are really up to us. We are the minds, hands and feet and glad to be able to use them. It’s everywhere we look and every day we live and breathe. The neighbor’s dog even has them. I can tell because he always wants to come see me when my door is open. I love that! It’s the little things that matter and life is full of little things that can become big moments to someone in need.

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