When The Easter Bunny Almost Died

Being that we are so close to Easter I wanted to re-share my blog from a very early Easter. It almost ended with the death of a bunny! It’s a funny and fast read!

easterbunnies2017I may have told you this story before about Easter. I apologize if I have, raising boys has helped me to lose my mind. But its Easter so I want to share an Easter memory.

When I was young, I remember my dad hiding Easter eggs in the backyard, Easter lunch at my grandmothers and I even remember several Easters spent at the beach. Such sweet traditions and memories. I couldn’t wait to carry on those wonderful traditions with my own children and create new Easter traditions too.

One of my new traditions was annual Easter pictures. The ones taken with the mall Easter bunny weren’t working out. The kids were terrified and I looked like the worst mom of all time threatening them to sit on that bunny’s lap regardless if he smelled like booze (or was that me) or if he looked like he was a bunny from…

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