Are Mom Bloggers a Thing of the Past?


Hey there Margarita Girls! (and a few guys)!

So It’s no secret I have a blog. I love to blog and I love to drink cocktails when I blog.. Sometimes Bloggers get a bad rap. Like they aren’t really writers, mom bloggers are lame, Bloggers are stupid..Oh I could go on and on.

Me, I blog on purpose. I want to make people laugh. Make them aware of mental health. Make fun of my family and friends. Because we need to laugh more.

I follow other blogs too. I follow and get her emails about once a week. Today’s email made me think. Carly, from Mommy on Purpose, saw an article on Buzzfeed that was not so nice about mom bloggers who blog about how to make money on blogging.

The article is here:

But while I get what she’s trying to say about blogs that teach blogging for money, I also wonder if mom blogs are getting too sucked into courses teaching you to blog for money. For the most part these courses aren’t cheap. BUT, they do teach the ins and outs of blogging for money. I get it moms, you want to stay home with the littles and make big bucks blogging. And in order to make money, you have to sell a book, have affiliate links, sell products and services and/or offer courses! IT’s a cycle for sho. I get it.

I’m not exactly a mom blogger. I’m a humor blogger. I blog about my life and family and all the insanity as it happens. My goal is to make people laugh. As a result I have made a few dollars. I have been paid to write for others, have been paid to write my opinions on products and services and most recently became an Amazon Influencer. So yes, I make money off my blog. But I can assure you I will not be able to retire off the money made. It barely pays my coffee habit and I would be thrilled if it paid for my margarita habit.

So what I want to say is, I think mom bloggers are necessary. They help and inspire other moms. Keep us all entertained and there is this whole underground mom community. And they want to make money too. My advice: don’t forget your goal. To help other moms. And not just with money. If you blog solely about how to blog for money, you aren’t being true to other moms. Keep mom blogs real. So many moms out there are suffering postpartum depression, depression, loneliness, exclusion etc. Keep helping those moms as well as teaching how to make the money.

There are tons of mom bloggers out there. We need more “empty-nester” blogs and humor blogs. This world is already depressing enough. Wouldn’t it be great to save the world with humor blogs?! I’m doing my part!

Cheer’s Y’all!

48 thoughts on “Are Mom Bloggers a Thing of the Past?

  1. Love the post! There are mom bloggers, dog mom bloggers, lifestyle and midlife bloggers, and humor bloggers. Aren’t they all about interchangeable? Whatever, I think whatever we want to gab about, go for it. Screw the people who dislike what we talk about and let them crawl back under their rock. If you wanna get raw, like some do, and talk about sex, menopause, and god forbid, mental illness, I say GO FOR IT! We need more awareness and no matter how you want to put a spin on it, get it out there. Rock on girly!

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  2. If you’re only making enough to cover your coffee and you’re using Amazon affiliates, something isn’t right. You should be making way more than that! Especially with as funny as you are.

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  3. Blogging is a very slow process, and it takes so long to develop a following that many people give up. I’m a mom and a blogger, but I don’t think you can combine the two to describe me, lol. Mine is sometimes humor, sometimes political, sometimes everything.

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  4. DUDE! This is bizarre and a wild will moment for me right now! I was literally just thinking to myself…with social media etc is blogging going to be a thing of the past? Then as I clicked and read your whole article, I laughed out loud because I just started a post about empty nesting!!!! Wild that great minds think alike! Finding something a topic that inspires people and or is funny adding your spin to it and sharing it with the world is a wonderful thing! xoxox. Keep on keeping on!

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  5. Reading this hit home for me! I am a new mom looking to stay home for sure but want to be productive while doing so. Decided to turn my free blog into an actual blogging website and thought of doing the mom blogging thing. The money sounds good, but I am a research phanatic during pregnancy or anything in life and found that there wasn’t much updated info for things I found myself going through. So I created a mom blog.. I just hope people learn some tips or enjoy it๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ–ค

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  6. I feel ya sista! I love honest mom bloggers because Iโ€™m one of them. I take pride in keepin it real about mom life. This shit isnโ€™t always what our perfect instagram feeds will have you assume. People donโ€™t understand how much we bribe our family to be able to capture those precious moments or the meltdowns we had to deescalate in the process. I always say the picture may be perfect but my life isnโ€™t at all. That one second maybe but the moments leading up and after are beautifully chaotic. Make no mistakes we are all human. Motherhood has its up and itโ€™s down but it is rewarding. I want to help people and make a little money to enjoy life with my family. So long live the mom bloggers! Lol

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  7. Just found you and this blog post and thank God. I have been blogging for nine years and so many bloggers I have befriended and/or loved have gone on to do things like actual careers that pay the bills.
    Sadly, it is lonely out here in the blogsphere.
    I am more excited than I would like to admit that I get to add a new blog (that’s yours) to my Bloglovin feed.
    Keep on truckin’. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Just followed you. What a lovely post. We do need moms helping out moms out there. We could definitely do with some laughter in our lives. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to reading more. Xoxo


  9. Margaritas and blogging?! Two of my favorite things by the way! I blog to help battle PPD! Hope you can check out my stuff! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  10. I was sceptical when I started my mommy blog but I just focused on my reason for doing it. I just want to support and help other mommy’s out there. So yes I think we are still a thing! PS. I only started in July ๐Ÿ˜‹ but super excited ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

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  11. Well said! I am extremely new to this and my only goal is to have an outlet for my thoughts and hopefully make some people laugh along the way. I am not going to lie though, I would be okay if some day my blog supported my coffee or margarita habit as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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