Is It Time for Reading Glasses?

When I turned 40 I went to have my eyes checked. I could no longer read the directions on smaller boxes and prescription bottles. I thought I was going blind. This is it! I’m officially losing my eyesight.

The doctor did the eye exam then told me I really didn’t need glasses but I should invest in some really good readers. WHAT? I am not old enough for readers. I had just turned 40 and still felt like 30! I decided I probably needed a new eye doctor. Clearly this one was crazy.

But it sunk in on the ride home with those horrible old people sun-goggles I had to wear. The ones they give you to drive home with after your eyes have been dilated. Let me just say that driving home even with those on is dangerous. I nearly killed a cat and 2 kids with backpacks on. If you can’t drink and drive, then you sure as heck shouldn’t drive with these on! For. The. Love.

So I went to the grocery store and bought some readers. Hated them. So I tried the dollar store. They had cute ones but seems the lenses were always smudgey. I looked online and found several places to get them. Too heavy, too ugly, too expensive. I was ready to give up and go blind.

I kept looking for some great readers that are comfortable, lightweight, cute, hip, colorful and affordable.

Then it happened. folks contacted me. I heard angels singing! They said they would send me some free readers to check out. Were they tapping my phones? Were they watching my online activity through Alexa or Google? Was this the work of the Russians?

I don’t really care because they sent me these super cute glasses and they fit and are hip! They also said if I liked them I could  have my very own coupon code made up to give out to my Margarita Friends! WOOHOO!

So if you are in need of readers, check out and use the code below to get 30% off any item up to $59.00. (Most of their readers are less than that anyway). Are you ready? Here’s the code: MISSY30

So when you order yours, send me a picture of you wearing them!

These match my pig in the background!
Do these make me look smart or what?!
So Retro!
Orange is the new ME!


Cheers Y’all!

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