Now Hiring. I Need an Intern.

You guys know how it is. You wake up and think, “I don’t want to do this mundane crap anymore.” You’re just done. So that led me to think I need an intern. Unpaid of course. It would be great for some college kid. They get credit and I get someone to do things for me, like take over my Liquor Store runs…

It’d be the perfect job. I do live in the middle of some major colleges and universities. NCSU, Duke, UNC, Meredith College all great schools. Surely someone at one of these schools needs an internship. I could offer marketing, social media training, blogging 101 and how to throw a great cocktail party, etc.

They’d have to be 21. I need someone to help me taste test. They have to have their own transportation.

I’m not paying for an Uber or Lyft.

They MUST have a sense of humor. If they get offended easily, it may not work out. Can you imagine me working with someone with no humor?

I don’t think it would be too much to ask if they would do light housekeeping, cooking and laundry. All that builds character right?

Let’s face it, we could all use a little help. Raise your hand if you are just done with mundane housework, laundry and driving kids or older parents around. Yep, I see you. We just want to work on fun things 24/7 and make some money on our hobbies right? We all would love to come home to a clean house and cooked meal. We’ve been doing the mundane all our lives!

I’m not asking much I don’t think. Maybe It’s not an intern I need but more of a butler? I mean, Patricia on ‘Southern Charm’ has Michael. He’s a delight. He makes sure the house is tidy, meals are on time and Patricia gets her 5’oclock cocktail everyday. We should all have that. It’s only fair right?

I guess the closest I will get to a butler is a college intern. The job is unpaid but I promise you’ll learn and enjoy the job. 🙂 You can apply by commenting on this post. No weirdos or psychopaths please.

A girl can dream right? What do you need to keep you going right now?

Peace, Love and Margaritas…

14 thoughts on “Now Hiring. I Need an Intern.

  1. When I got ill and couldn’t do my mundane daily chores I realized how good I had it. Being ‘crippled’ and unable to tend for myself made me realize I had better appreciate those mundane things. Not being able to make myself a cup of coffee, prepare or clean up after a meal, unable to walk or bend over to dust the floors, vacuum my bedroom, brush my dog, make my bed, brush my teeth………once I got well again, I vowed never to complain about the joyous most mundane things of my life.
    Think about it and cherish the fact that you are healthy enough to drive your kids, your parents or even drive a car for that matter! You have the ability to get yourself up out of bed, use the bathroom, pour yourself a cup of coffee, open the refrigerator door……these are all things I used to take for granted. Word to the wise…..don’t be that person.

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      1. Thanks. It just hit one of my many raw nerves. I just couldn’t find any humor in it. I am so sorry. I swore to God that if He cured me I would never ever complain again. He cured me. I’m doing well. But two seeks ago I had to be rushed to the ER for uncontrollable nose bleeding. What a mess. I still walk around like a mummy, so afraid any second blood will come rushing down my face. I’m missing my mundane home routine. I have to stay home. I can’t drive. My life is passing me by. I am usually active and running from here to there. UGH!
        So sorry again.

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  2. What a great opportunity for a student to learn so many wonderful things from you, but I am guessing the taste testing and cleaning will be your gig. In a way, though, if they learn your social media job, that leaves a little more time for you to make margaritas. A WIN:WIN In all seriousness, I started an intern program when I was working in social work and it was awesome. The kids loved the college students in their therapy groups and I could breathe for a minute.

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  3. Oh, if only I were younger and still lived in NC… I’d apply in a hot minute. We’d taste test all day and laugh and get nothing done, but hey, you’re not paying me anyway so who cares?

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