No Swearing in Church!

No Swearing in church

Ok, this post has nothing to do with religion so relax. I don’t need anymore hate mail this month. If you read till the end you’ll understand the title. πŸ™‚

Cheryl (one of my other margarita girls) and I were charged with updating the parlor/boardroom at our church. It literally looked like grandma’s sitting room from the 1930’s. The room hadn’t changed in the 25 years I’ve been a church member either. But we took on the task and we have gotten new carpet and paint so far. Just recently we ordered a coffee cart.Β 

Groups that meet in the parlor often like coffee so they set up a little table with coffee makers (nope. not Keurig style either. OLD fashioned coffee makers) lots of sugar packets, powdered creamer (For. The. Love.) and paper goods. Yep, just like you might find at your great, great, great grandmas house.

So we ordered a nice, modern looking rolling cart with cabinets to hide all the stuff. Problem is, it had to be “assembled”. Now this wasn’t from Ikea so I thought for sure it wouldn’t be bad to put together. We actually got it from Wayfair.

After leaving the box in the parlor hoping someone would actually put it together as a good Samaritan, I realized after a week that wasn’t going to happen. So I had to enlist my husband. He’s a builder by trade. No problem right? I mean he brings his own tools everywhere like I bring my own cocktails! So we began to unpack the box and then I could just barely hear him swear under his breath. I had to remind him three times that we were in church and that wasn’t acceptable. He then said something like, “Jesus would be swearing too if he had to put this together. And HE was a carpenter!” Ok, I give him credit for that.Β 


After about 2 hours, Thing 1 texted to see if we were going out to dinner. I told him yes but it would be awhile due to the complicated building of a coffee cart. Thing 1 replies with, “sooooooo does he need help?” Yep. If you want a free meal kiddo, you need to help your dad. Thing 1 showed up and they got it all together.Β 


Looks great! Our marriage survived and no lightning struck the church. I’d say that was a good day.Β 

I even thanked Jesus in my prayers for keeping us all from killing each other. God bless that coffee cart.

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

16 thoughts on “No Swearing in Church!

  1. It’s a lovely looking cart! I love how Thing 1 jumped in to help. Good kid, right there! Kinda warms my heart. BUT FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. ALL.THE. ALLMIGHTY!!! Get some REAL creamer! Jesus would approve, I believe. Didn’t he make water into wine? I think he would appreciate using real cows. πŸ˜€

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  2. Great post! I totally relate. I don’t even attempt assembling flatpack furniture anymore. Those instructions! I don’t understand all the jargon or diagrams. I look at them and feel everything I ever knew draining out of my brain. Ugh!

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