The 5 Best Things That Would Actually Make Scary Movies More Scary


Not everybody loves scary movies but I do. However I have seen them all. Even the newer ones are nothing more than high school, blood and gore, stupid stories. What happened to creativity? Where are the real scary writers? The ones that write like Stephen King or Clive Barker and even Edgar Allen Poe?

Most people love to be scared. Especially in a safe environment, like the movie theater or at home in front of the TV. You get that scary “high” or more like a huge thrill only to be let down with a crappy movie. The first movie that got me hooked was “The Exorcist”. Scared. Me. To. Death. But nowadays movies have all the same plots. Kids go camping, have random drunken sex, killer escapes prison and kills all the kids except one. BORING.

So I have come up with 5 things to make a movie REALLY scary! Let’s see if you agree.

  1. Do we need sex? I mean a fling or romantic scene would be ok but not drunk, high school sex scenes. We’ve come to far in our society to want that crap anymore. Does it even have to be a group of high schoolers or college kids? Maybe just a random person looking for a new life and ends up with a ghost. There has to be more to the plot than what we typically see. Change it up people!
  2.  We don’t need blood, guts and gore. Enough of that. We are usually more receptible to current events. That’s how we have come to love the Zombie movies and Apocalyptic scenarios. Zombie movies remind us that viral diseases can spread quickly and leave the human infected and half dead while walking around. We are seeing the rise of old deadly viruses coming back after we thought we had them at bay. Pretty scary stuff. And the End of the World scenarios are pretty real for us too. The world seems to be in utter chaos according to the news and we are all worried that the end is near. These types of movies help scare us to death about what it’s going to be like.
  3.  Leave something to the imagination. Why show us the ghost or the monster? Leave mystery to it. I’ve always felt by the time we see the ghost, it’s laughable instead of scary. We are more scared of the unknown. Let’s be creative!
  4.  Devils, Demons and nuns. Not. That’s worn out. No more exorcisms please. You can’t beat the original Exorcist anyway. Less evilness and more scary. Pentagrams are not the rage anymore. Been there done that and got the T-shirt!
  5.  Finally, There needs to be an awesome ending leaving us wanting more! No one has to make it to the end. Or if they do, they need to be in therapy to get us prepped for the sequel. And just how do the characters explain all the murdering to the first responders anyway? A ghost or demon did it? Yeah right.  But it always looks like they knew it was. Another way to kill the end of a movie. I want to leave the theatre wondering WTH?! I want it to stick with me for a few days.

So friends, what do you think? What other ways can you think of to make the scary movie really scary?

Lastly, here’s my scary story. When Big Daddy and I first got married we moved into an apartment. We had a nice mantle over the fireplace and I loved putting all my candles up there. Once in awhile we’d be sitting on the sofa watching TV, sipping margaritas and one or more of the candles would just pop out of the holders. All on their own. For no reason. My husband, who doesn’t believe in ghosts, said that was just a fluke and it had something to do with the humidity in the room. (Whatever dude). When we moved, the candles no longer did it. (Enter spooky music here). You decide. Ghosts or Humidity?

Let me know your spooky stories!

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Peace Love & Margaritas

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