Being Thankful Beyond The Usual Stuff…

thankful beyond

It’s November and the most thankful time of the year. So many people are doing the 30 day challenge of everything they are thankful for all over social media. I mean I get it but it’s all the same. I’m thankful for my family, friends, pets, house, car, job and drunk uncle Louie. I know you are thankful, I know you are grateful and it’s the Thanksgiving season but can we please switch it up?

I’ve challenged my blog group and my social media friends to join in being more creative. It’s a given that we are all thankful for the good things in our life like the list above. But let’s get crazy and list stuff we might not really think about being thankful for. Be humorous and fun. We all love our children and are thankful for them but can’t we be thankful when they move out? Live their own lives and produce grandkids for us? Can’t we be thankful for the extra room in our homes now that they’re gone? Lower utility bills and grocery bills? I know I’m thankful for all that.

We are thankful for our jobs but can’t we be thankful for paid vacations, sick days and the boss getting rid of that mean girl receptionist at the front desk? Can’t we be thankful for the cocktail lunches and the upcoming Christmas party? Maybe be thankful for a raise or Christmas bonus. Or be thankful the economy is good and you can find a new job if you need too.

How about this “I’m Thankful For” list:

  • Target Dollar Spot
  • Netlix
  • Warm Fuzzy Socks
  • Apple Cider
  • Tequila
  • Good Fitting Bras
  • No Bras
  • Sweatpants
  • Yoga Pants
  • Sporks
  • Dog Videos
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • GPS in the car!
  • Marshmallows
  • Redi-whip
  • Sticks of Butter
  • Post Malone
  • Full Service Car Washes
  • Amazon Prime
  • Movie Theaters with Reclining Seats
  • Uber
  • Bartenders Who Slip You Free Shots
  • Piano Bars
  • Wedgie Proof Undies
  • Uber Eats
  • Personal Chefs
  • Anything Chocolate
  • Clinique Bonus Gifts
  • Thankful That There Were No Social Media Back In The 80’s
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Weekends
  • Money in your Bank Account
  • Free Speech
  • Block Button on Facebook
  • Skechers
  • When the car ahead of you pays for your meal!
  • The Smell of Steaks on a Grill
  • Birthday Cake When it’s Not Even Your Birthday
  • Caller ID

What crazy things are you thankful for?


Peace Love & Margaritas!


18 thoughts on “Being Thankful Beyond The Usual Stuff…

  1. Today I would be thankful if they fixed the plumbing issues so we had running water consistently. And I am thankful I don’t have to pay for the repairs so – in that vein – I am thankful for renting! 😀

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  2. am grateful for:
    • The poker face I inherited from my dad, and the penchant for drama I got from my mom
    • Unanswered prayers; my college crush still lives in Toledo and is in a bowling league
    • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey
    • My numerous bad bosses—I learned who not to be and when it was time to bolt
    • Tito’s vodka and the liquor store discount (and my pretend liquor store boyfriend)
    • Dolphins in the canal
    • All of Anthony Bourdain’s work
    • The mean grade school nuns who unknowingly taught me resilience and to question authority
    • My knees recovered from all that genuflecting and kneeling in the corner
    Lastly, the gift of sarcasm 🙃

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  3. Dark chocolate
    Bananas and peanut butter
    My private studio
    Duraflame firestarters
    Sea glass
    Kitty snuggles (I know she only snuggles when she’s cold but I usually am too so it’s a win-win!)
    Warm boots in winter; sandles in summer
    Being able to set my own schedule
    Fresh baked bread
    A great glass of white wine
    Arriving home after a trip
    Getting older — it beats the alternative!

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  4. I’m thankful
    1. To have left an unhappy marriage and that my boyfriend is HOT, sensitive, communicates openly and is adorable even when he’s an asshat, holy shit, I didn’t think I’d find that in my middle age.
    2. I had enough energy to cut my toenails today, it’s been grinding on my nerves for days
    3. Dinner is in the crock pot which means my hot boyfriend can not fuck up the clean kitchen
    4. There is still wine in my Bota box
    5. Capital One has a program that will give me payment relief while I’m figuring out my declining health
    6. Blogs and writing, where else can we put down our crazy thoughts and read others?
    7. My trans son’s voice is DEEP after only 4 months on T 🙂 Never seen him so giddy! Can’t wait for his beard to happen.
    8. A diagnosis after of years of searching for the right doctor. It wasn’t “all in my head” after all 🙂

    Love your blog! Thank you for being authentic. We need more of that these days.

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  5. I’m thankful:
    1. When I get a sleep in, and by sleep in I mean a sleep til 7am.
    2. When my kids aren’t trying to kill each other.
    3. When there’s no laundry or folding to be done.
    4. When I find funny blogs.
    5. To the Uber Eats delivery guy.
    6. For the discovery of chicken nuggets and coffee.
    7. For the invention of TV.
    8. To be able to breath clean air and drink clean water.
    9. To see my in-laws only every few months.
    10. To be me.

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