We Are All In This Together!

We are in this all together!

Oh I had some great posts I wanted to send out this week but I decided to change course this one time. This week has been, to say the least, hell. This virus has gone global and we are all in this mess together. Our President has declared a national emergency and WHO is now saying this is a Global Pandemic. Our Governor in NC has shut down our schools and added a ban on public gatherings. All this to help stop or slow the spread of this virus.

It is certainly a hardship on all families here in America and around the world. Childcare is an issue as well as making sure everyone gets paid during this mess as well as trying to stay well and helping those who are sick. But we are not alone. We are in this together!

However, the stress and strain on people are at an all time high. Anxiety is through the roof for billions of people. I always said it was going to take something big to get folks to start being nice to each other again. Isn’t it a shame it has to be something like this? But I’ll take it. People are starting to help one another with child care and food and checking on their neighbors.

Let’s keep it up! Some more things you can do with all the free time you might have right now:

  • Check on your older neighbors daily. If they stop responding, have the police or sheriffs office do a well-check.
  • Check on those with small children. Childcare centers are closing down and some parents may need a hand with childcare if they still have to work.
  •  Provide food and help to those in need. Some children in public schools depend on the meals they get during school and won’t be able to get those meals right now.
  •  Check on your families near and far.

As for the Margarita Team, we will continue to post fun memes and stories to keep you laughing through this pandamic. Visit our Twitter, Insta and FB pages for daily funnies. DC Stanfa and I are trying not to overdo the Virus memes. Let’s get our mind off it for a few!

Lastly, while we are all mostly home for awhile during this, try not to watch Netflix and Hulu at the same time as everyone else. If Netflix goes down, Imma gonna be crazy!

So air fist bumps and elbow touches to all of you. If things seem tougher than you can handle, feel free to reach out to us via email or FB messenger. We are here for all of you!

Peace Love and Margaritas


11 thoughts on “We Are All In This Together!

  1. Some great suggestions on how to help others in this situation. I don’t know how a lot of people are going to get through without some help—the parents of young children who must continue to work, and the elderly who don’t have someone to look out for them. Thanks, Missy!

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