Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

Time To Update My Anxiety Meds

I’m losing it. Seriously. I think we have had enough isolation and anxiety now. Dear God, please turn off the Virus machine. I promise we will be better! If not at least let me up my anxiety medication.

I think we are all over this mess. Except the super positive, glass always mostly full people. They are loving this shit. Me, not so much anymore. I think I have watched all of Netflix and Hulu now. Read all my books twice. Even sent a few hand written letters to random people I found addresses for online. I. Am. Bored.

I did discover TikTok. I mean I had found it before but it was all kids on there being weird. Since we are all staying at home now, the over 40’s have taken over! It’s like someone just discovered America or something. I have learned some new dance moves and found some new drinking games. I highly recommend it to everyone to waste time.

Just me and the hubby at home. And the dog. The dog is loving having both of us at home all day everyday. He’s going to lose his mind when this is over and we can go back to normal. Whatever “normal” is.

Just being home all day everyday is too much. The hubster and I now send each other memes via text. While we are in the same room. Then we laugh and laugh. Thank goodness we stocked up on booze when the pandemic first started. I know I should be more grateful and thankful but I am way passed that point. I want to get out. Visit my favorite restaurants and shops. I want to see my kids and my parents and my 99 year old grandmother. I want to hug people and kiss little babies faces. I want more human contact. Sure the hubby and dog are great for affection but I need more.

I realize this is a rare situation for all of us. I feel bad for those that are sick, dying, being on the front lines and the government, doctors and scientists all trying to figure this out with the media hammering all of them in the meantime.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer today but it’s were I am right now. Ready and done. How are you my friends? How are you coping? Are you were I am mentally?

I need a stiff drink and some laughs. Or you may see me dancing on TikTok!


How about some fries with those thighs?

♬ Chunky – Bruno Mars


Peace Love and Margaritas!

12 thoughts on “Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

  1. Girl, this was me last Friday. But, after the weekend and resigning myself to the situation – yet again – I’m over the hump. But, I think folks experience this weekly.

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  2. Isolation is not good for anyone. States and support groups mandate murders on death row be given mandatory time out. Call us what you want over here. My husband is essential and in a military base. We breath mission ready here. My kids had the last weekend with their friends before any lockdown went in effect so we all coordinated our households to keep our revolving doors same and introduced no one new. Meaning my kids have had their best friend in quarantine. The moms and I do our heading out and shopping and share. My kids ride their bikes and run in the fields but only gas station for my son. We are blessed that even the gas pumps at fort bragg are wiped down. Until recently I never wore a mask. Other military in same boat as me forging for food. I’m going to die if my aneurysm anyway. So I refuse to just live in fear. It nearly killed me several years ago. I got my magnesium levels under control and I live for my kids and husband and of course all my animals. I took precautions and forged ahead. All the while my Daddy wanting me locked up. I worried more about my husband and not do much the virus as being isolated in Maryland where the governor decided they could cross state lines or risk quarantine. Well wouldn’t you know it my hubby did just that when I went in hospital. They would not let him in to see me but he still came and had to sit in isolation for 14 days paid. He had way too much time dwell. Not good for a veteran with ptsd. So we had to hook up again. Just can’t keep us apart. Anyway, I just refuse to be isolated. I don’t go anywhere but base or publics for grocery. And driving to my in-laws to check on them and give them what they need. My mother-in-law refused to not hug her granddaughter said she’d die sometime but then refused to let the caretaker come because she might have a cold. Lol. Chin up everyone. Decide today to go for a drive. See the world.

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  3. Dude, my doc prescribed me Buspar this morning as the anxiety is stronger than the depression and who wants to start an antidepressant with out talking to the shrink first but all the shrinks are on video chat and someone with anxiety swirled with depression does not want psychiatry help via video chat as the lag in the speaking ups the anxiety because it’s like trying to understand a bad prehistoric kung foo movie and seeing yourself looking like an alien who’s been in isolation only ups your depression game……inhale, deep breath……somehow we’re all going to be ok

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  4. It’s okay to bitch and moan (and this isn’t even bitching and moaning). It isn’t human nature to be this isolated for this long. We have slowly adapted up here, entering week six of lockdown in Illinois and it is sure that we will be in lockdown until the beginning of June. It is maddening at times and at other times, comforting. Odd yes but it is survival mode. Looking forward to warmer weather and sunshine.

    Also, up those meds. I won’t tell. 😉

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