Give Yourself Permission to Bitch About This Pandemic.

Permission To Bitch

Anyone else over it? Done with this Pandemic? Done with the people you are trapped at home with?

I don’t mean to sound uncaring of the realities of life lost, jobs and income lost, or anything like that. But let’s be real for a moment. Let’s get it all out there. Let’s bitch about the petty things that are driving us crazy. This is a safe zone for “those of us who can’t take it anymore”.

Things I can’t say anymore without hysterical laughter:

  1. We are all in this together! Nope. not true. Some people are in it to win it or use it to their advantage. Some are hoarders, hoarding all the TP, or sanitizer. Calling the police if they see you outside without a mask.
  2. Quarantine. Most of us are under “Stay at Home” orders. Not actually forced to stay home. Do we not know the difference? Does anyone even care?
  3. Stimulus Checks. Why can’t we just take the checks and use them how we want? People are fighting about donating the checks or you are a bad person. People are tearing up their checks because of Trumps name on it. OMG. Mine was direct deposited so I don’t even know who signed mine. Who TF cares? The STIMULUS checks are supposed to help stimulate the economy to combat the losses we are all suffering due to the Covid shut down. STIMULATE. Google it!
  4. Social Distancing. Some people just don’t even get this. I can’t understand why. How stupid must you be if you can’t stay away 6 lousy feet? I am still trying not to touch my own face and some of you are getting to close to me.
  5. New Normal. I just rolled my eyes so hard my neck hurts. Who thought this phrase up? If it’s NEW it’s not normal!
  6. Flattening the Curve. I’ll flatten YOUR curve!
  7. Zoom Meeting. No one really likes this. And you know you are trying to guess who’s not wearing pants.
  8. Home Schooling. Not for the faint of heart or weak stomachs. I am so glad my kids are older. If I had to homeschool them, I’m not sure any of us would have survived. This should be used as a torture tactic for criminals.

To all my neighbors walking their dogs 3 times a day. How do you think that dog is going to feel when you go back to work and he gets maybe 1 walk? I see you dragging that dog on walk 3. He doesn’t want to do it anymore Karen!

And who are you trapped with? Right now it’s just me and the hubby. He’s working upstairs and me downstairs. Let me tell you he is the loudest person in a Zoom meeting ever. I can hear him through my AirPods Y’all. Might have to kill him.

The dog. He loves having us both home. But he has to constantly touch one of us. And if we leave the house without him, we get the look of “how dare you!”. And the constantly letting him in or out. The chasing of that effing squirrel. And the fact that last night he came in and I found a SLUG on his back. A freaking slug!

Ordering groceries now means ordering wine colors each time. The grocery store people think all we do is day drink now. No need to be so judgy. Just deliver my flipping groceries and shut up. Don’t you worry bout me!

My fuse is really short. I am snapping at everything. Are you? Not sure how much more I can take. It’s a struggle to put on real clothes and make up. Ok It’s a struggle to get out of bed somedays. I mean TV is a nope. I will watch Netflix. Watching The Crime right now. It has subtitles but I’m ok with that. If I turn on the news, I will lose my shit. I will cuss everyone out for every little dumb thing people do or say. Now is not the time to show your stupid or crazy. For. The. Love.

All I’m saying is. It’s been too long. We need to get some relief. We need to be normal again. And lastly I just want to say, don’t feel guilty for needing to bitch about the small stuff. It’s ok. You need to blow off some steam. We are all trying to get through something and none of us needs to keep the emotions trapped.

Just remember, We Are All in This Together!

BONUS!: Have you heard of Brene Brown? Well she is awesome and funny too. She explains a lot of our feelings during this pandemic in her latest podcast. She calls it FFT (Effing First Time) syndrome. She was also just on Jimmy Fallon Late Night the other night. She will make you laugh, think and feel better. Here is a link to that podcast: 

Peace Love and Margaritas!

25 thoughts on “Give Yourself Permission to Bitch About This Pandemic.

  1. Thanks for venting! Iโ€™m ready for a Thelma and Louise inspired road tripโ€”without the sexual assault or driving off the cliff. But, Brad Pitt is still in…
    My favorite part of this was your observation about the dog walking! Hilarious and true. Stop it already , Karen. ๐Ÿ˜…

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  2. Anyone else smelling the armpits of their pj shirt……it’s how I gauge it’s time for a new pair of pj’sโ€ฆโ€ฆ..this was a funny read, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Brene Brown is amazing! Your description of everything is hilarious. Our dog totally gives us a look of disgust when we leave the house without him. HA! One thing I would add is, my stretch pants are getting tight and I am buying all kinds of crap on line. Like a Quarantino de Mayo T-shirt, that I hope to get before the 5th. Fun times for sure.

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      1. When this all started, I joked about stocking up enough booze to get us through the summer. It all lasted about three weeks! I started looking up cocktail recipes to try. Not helping with stretch pant issue at all.

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  4. I have to say a nasty word towards people who are dropping their plastic/latex gloves everywhere. And I mean everywhere. We live in a rural setting and gosh darn it, we’re finding tossed away rubber gloves down ditches, in streams, on lawns. WTF people?? Who do you think is going to pick up your germ infested gloves????
    Lastly, when I go to the grocery store, old people take off their gloves before they go in their car and they are leaving their germ infested gloves IN THE SHOPPING CARTS. WTF is going to pick them up and toss them away? How dare you do this to other people? What is wrong with you? Life is tough enough. STOP IT!!!
    As to personally staying home, when I get antsy, I remind myself that the new projections are that at least 3,000 Americans are going to die each day by June. That’s a staggering number. When ever I think they’re lying or that the news is false, I think of my brother. He died on April 13th from the coronavirus. He was a retired doctor who took all the precautions and yet died (a horrible death0 in under 4 weeks. So, I take the warnings very seriously.
    As to people ripping up stimulus checks because Trumps name is on them? Rip them up. Trump doesn’t care. You’re just giving more money to the people Trump wants to give money to. Personally, I couldn’t care less whose name is on the check. It could be Hitler himself. We need the money regardless of who it comes from. There! I admitted it.
    Great article. Thanks for letting me vent.

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