2020 Graduation Commencement Speech as Given by Me.

To The Class of 2020

Well this year was a real shitshow for most of you. And now you will either have a “drive-through” graduation, virtual graduation or no celebration. I also hear that a few celebrities’ will be giving their “2 cents worth”. Folks like John Legend, Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Clinton and even Pitbull. I’m sure they will inspire you in ways that only they can. But I give you something even better. Me. Midlife Margaritas. Lucky you…

This weekend would have been the start of College Graduation Season and high school will follow into June. So I want to speak to all of you. I can give you something all those famous people can’t. Reality. So sit back, grab a drink (only the oldest ones can have booze) and take in all my wisdom I have to give.

First, all the Highschool grads. Welcome to the show! You are going to go places you’ve never dreamed but you will have to wear a facemask. Make it stand out and cause folks to ask questions! Make it count! 

You are probably going to college, community college, the military, take a gap year or jump right in and hit the workforce. Good for you! Congrats on passing high school. You are not quite an adult but you’re not a kid anymore either. Sorta like middle school and we know how that went. My advice to you is to soak it up. Yes the education in college or training for that job will need lots of hard work and study, but don’t forget to live out loud! Try to remember that world still doesn’t revolve around you. Mr. Rogers said to look for the helpers. I say BE the helper. Do for others first and you will be rewarded with more than any degree or prize can reward you. Just trust me. Always ask for help if you need it and don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right. Ask questions too. They say there are no dumb questions but you will see for yourself that there are some dumb ones but ask anyway. It’s how you learn. 

Try not to get drinking tickets/fines and stay out of jail. Remember that someone is always close by recording and taking pictures for social media. You don’t want to become famous for the wrong reasons. Remember where you came from. Embarrass your mama or your aunt Thelma and all hell will break loose! Have fun but stay safe. You are not invincible even though you might think you are. Have your insurance card handy in case you end up in the emergency room. 

Finally to all those High Schoolers, have fun. Take time to just sit and enjoy the scenery. Meditate and keep your mental state healthy. Build real relationships and be the helper. Stay safe and before you know it, you will be moving on to the next phase of your life. 

To the College Grads: WTF was 2020? You were robbed of all the things college grads do before graduation. You didn’t get closure.  So many of you feel you missed out on so much. Yep 2020 was the biggest shitshow of your life. But you did it. You made it through! And you will have stories to tell future generations when they complain how hard things were for them. But you have also made memories. They may be strange and weird but they are memories just the same. I suggest you journal it all. Maybe write a book: How I survived College during The Pandemic. 

These last 4 (or possibly 6) years have made you the person you are. You have come out stronger and more resilient than you even know. You are equipped for the future in ways that past generations will never understand. You got this. And you are going to rule the world! 

I say to you to also to ‘be the helper’. The future is better when you contribute to it and not take from it so much. You may not find a job right away with this pandemic still looming over us but you will figure it out. You’ve got this. 

Enjoy life first. Stay healthy and mentally happy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to jump in and help someone else. Change the world. Leave your mark for the right reasons. Having a job is great but living life and building relationships that last a lifetime is more important. Don’t let anyone suck your joy. And don’t let anyone rule over you. You are ready. And I can’t wait to see what you do. 

I raise my margarita glass to you class of 2020! You are forever in the history books of WTF was that. Don’t let it define you but let it make you stronger. 

PS… Laugh everyday. It will make you a better person. And help those that don’t get the punchline. Bless their hearts…

I love you class of 2020!

Peace Love and Margaritas!

**Dedicated to my son’s girl. Sydney Hardee, Class of 2020, Meredith College.

Congrats to Our Sydney!

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