Taking a Breather.


I’m on vacation this week. Yes I plan to hit social media with lots of pictures and fun memes like I don’t have a care in the world. And listen up bitches, don’t @ me. Don’t tell me this isn’t the time to sit back and do nothing. Or there are major problems in our society that we must work on and there is no rest for the weary!

Bullshit. Yep, I said it. EVERYONE needs to take a breather. Everyone needs to calm the hell down. And for the love of all things Holy, I have never seen so many people with an opinion that must be heard right now. Hold your horses friends (I know, can you believe I just said that?) we need to take a breather.

It’s hot and humid and frankly I just want to nap on the beach and listen to the waves crash. I need this. The world will still be burning when I get home next week. So I’m doing this for my mental health. I’m checking in with family and friends. I’m over here still listening to you though. I’m still hearing what you are saying. Taking it all in. And you know what I’ve found out by listening? Everyone has a different thing to say. A different take on what’s happening around us. We are not on the same page on a lot of topics. So what’s next?

I say we all take some time and mediate, think things through. Pray if you will and journal your thoughts. Breathe. Turn off the news and possibly stay off the webs. No one solves the worlds problems overnight. And no one solves the problems while being all jacked up and angry. Ever heard of “cooler heads prevail”?  We are still fighting Covid, and the murder hornets are still on their way. I’m down at the coast dealing with man o’ wars. Google it.

Not making light of any situation right now. I’m just seeing people starting to fight again and it’s growing a lot more hate. Is that what we want? More division? Want to know what I think? Probably not but I’m going to tell you anyway. Have a plan of action. That means, whatever you are doing, marching, protesting for, have a plan. One that will bring people together to some common place. Being divided won’t bring the answers. Being a bully or asshole won’t bring people together either.

And on another note, stop telling people that their silence is complicity or silence is not an option. Here’s why:

  1. Sometimes silence is a pause to listen and understand. You can’t learn a damn thing running your mouth all the time.
  2. Sometimes silence is because you don’t feel the need to boast about what you ARE doing to help. Maybe you are working behind the scenes. Maybe you just bought 52 cases of water to hand out at a rally or protest but don’t want anyone to say, “oh you are doing a great job” or “you are a hero” etc. Maybe you are just doing what’s right and don’t want any recognition for it.
  3. Maybe silence is because you haven’t found your voice yet. Not everyone is the same. Give people a chance. You do more harm when you bully those you ‘THINK’ are being silent.

Listen to others, educate yourself, start the journey to healing. Don’t be an asshole.

Peace Love and Margaritas.



8 thoughts on “Taking a Breather.

  1. Enjoy the beach! Lord knows, if we don’t take time away we aren’t worth caca… Didn’t Jesus go away for 40 days and nights? I googled your Man O Wars! And I am going to the beach soon and now I am thinking I better wade in shoes or boots…

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  2. Well said! Enjoy Missy. Going on vacation myself. First time in 3 years. I’m going to enjoy relaxing with my hubby and kids. He’s been working nonstop this whole lockdown. Can’t wait for cocktail hour !

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  3. You are absolutely right! Taking a breather here also. Need the time to sit and think and ponder about all that is happening. I did see this brilliant interview on PBS with Frank Luntz who explains in brutal detail, yet highly understandable, how we got here. It all boils down to we don’t listen to each other. No one takes the time to sit and listen to what the other person has to say. It’s as simple as that and probably all guilty as charged.
    If you have an hour to listen, here’s the link. Filmed just a few days before the pandemic hit, Frank sadly cries when asked what the future of America was. Frank knew. He knew! And now, we all know.

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