Why I Despise College (Helicopter Parent) Groups on Social Media

Helicopter Mom

I thought the days of Helicopter Parenting were over. Apparently they follow their kids right through college and beyond. Please people, DON’T be this parent. You are straight up hurting them.

At first I thought it would be helpful to join a parent group, on social media, for my kids college. Comes in handy when you can’t figure out when breaks are because your damn college kid won’t text you back! Which is normal. I remember going for weeks between phone calls home to my parents. Now we can text our kids everyday. But do we really want too? Or need too?

Since my kids have been in college over the past 5 plus years, we now can talk to other parents through the parent groups on Facebook and other social media. Oh what fun. We can figure out who lives close to us and make new friends, meet with other parents when visiting our kids at school. Oh the possibilities!

NOPE. Do not do this. Don’t even join those social groups. Ok do it if you like to read the insanity of other parents who are worse than any other helicopter parent I have ever seen. It will totally explain how this next generation is going to fail big time. Folks, the end is near. No seriously, it is.

Just the other day I saw parents complaining about how they couldn’t get in touch with their kids advisors to ask questions. WTH? Your CHILD should be the one asking their advisor questions and figuring out college life without YOU!

There was a post asking about the nearest hospital and if any parent was close and would they take their child for a little check up on a boo-boo. I can’t y’all. My youngest has already made 2 trips to the ER on his own. My advice to him was find someone that was sober and get them to drive you. Let me know how it goes. And that was that. I get it if it was super serious. But really?

If you don’t let your kids do things on their own, (and fail sometimes) they will never be good at adulting. Stop trying to rescue your kids. Have them learn to talk to the advisors, counselors, doctors etc. so they can maneuver life on their own. How they heck did you do it?

I’m still trying to figure out how I lived through college. We didn’t have social media or even EMAIL! We had to use a phone and actually go to our advisors office and sign up for a conference. My senior year we finally got a answering machine for our corded phone attached to the wall for crying out loud. We had computers the size of your TV and had to back up everything on a floppy disc. I think your kids have it pretty easy these days.

Are you going to go with them on job interviews? Let me know how that works out Mr. and Mrs. Helicopter Parent. Chill out and let the kids live their own life. They will thank you for it, I promise.

Peace Love and Margaritas!

9 thoughts on “Why I Despise College (Helicopter Parent) Groups on Social Media

  1. This is so true, but a lot of these hovering parents can’t see how it harms their kids growth. By constantly running interference and micromanaging the paths of their offspring, they keep them from learning how to problem-solve and gain confidence/self-reliance. Love your attitude about tending to your kid’s boo boos.
    Here’s a fantastic book every parent should read. It was written by a friend of mine.
    Gift of Failure, The https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062299255/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_IS-YEbKXHQTRG

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  2. I love my parents, God rest their souls, but if I relied on them to helicopter parent me I’d still be in first grade. We were raised to be self reliant, work first, learn through play, rely on humor and positive thinking all with a mother who did not drive and a father who rarely drove us anywhere. I think we all turned out o.k. Excellent article!

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  3. GIRL. GIRL.
    So when my oldest began college in 2018, I was told there was a Facebook group for the parents. I lasted all of two months, in which I unfollowed the group, before I left the group altogether. The number of parents who were in their kids’ business about everything, was insane. Like, LET THEM FAIL. LET THEM BURN THE MAC AND CHEESE.
    I am of the cloth that they need to figure it out after high school. Even in high school, I began backing away. This is not to say I let her falter alone but she is so independent now and I feel like that is partly because I didn’t have my hands in every little thing she did.

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