How to Successfully Lose Weight on the Popular Intermittent Fasting Plan Without Giving up Margaritas

Trying to get a grip on your health and wellness during this pandemic? Have you tried the wildly popular Intermittent Fasting Plan? I’ve been at it for months now with my husband and we have found it easy and we are losing weight! We have never stuck to any plan this long. We have basically no willpower at all.

To date the hubby has lost 70 plus pounds and I have lost almost 50! We started in November of 2019 and set a goal to lose on average 2 lbs. per week. We never thought it would be this easy. And I wasn’t willing to give up things like carbs and margaritas. So I wanted to share how we are doing it and why it’s working so well! Did you just read that? I don’t give up carbs and ritas!

There are different ways to do this plan but I’m going to tell you how we are doing it. You can also google the plan but beware, there are tons of information to weed through. Is it safe? Yep. My doctor actually told me about it. But you should probably talk to your doc before starting any plan. Because I am no doctor and I can’t afford to be sued.

First of all, this is not like starving yourself. You can eat! The main point is to only eat in an 8 hour time period in a day. That leaves 16 hours without food. Which 8 hours of this is sleep time! But you can drink black coffee and water during the “fasting hours”. Why do it? It’s been said that it may decrease insulin resistance, and may improve your overall health. However, I’m not sure what the long term looks like for keeping the weight off. That’s why Chris and I are making this a life plan.

Here’s how we are doing it.

  • Talk with your doctor first.
  • Establish your starting weight and measurements if you want to keep track.
  • Take pictures during the process.
  • Get an app for your phone to help with calorie counting. We use My Fitness Pal.
  • Decide how many days you want to do the fast per week. We try to do at least 5. We have breakfast at 8:30 and have our last meal by 5 at the latest. Then fast over night. SO EASY!
  • Calorie counting. The My Fitness Pal helps us see how many calories we need to be eating to lose the 2 lbs per week. So that is what we go with.
  • Eat healthier. Add more fruit and veggies. Then try to eat leaner and greener. But don’t deprive yourself of things! As long as those treats fit in your daily calories, eat them! (OR drink that margarita!)
  • Move more. My husband walks a lot. I am into yoga and walking. (YES fat people can do yoga!) See below for more info on that.
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time, give yourself breaks from screen time.
  • Most importantly, don’t give up. If you fall off the turnip truck, get back on!

Do Yoga: Did you know if you can’t do all the poses that there are ways to modify poses to fit your needs? And YouTube is full of great videos. No need to get out in the pandemic and go to a class. Do it at home! Get a routine going everyday.

You know those videos where the dogs get all in the way of the owner trying to do yoga? Yep. That happens with our dog too. I give him a bone or treat to keep him busy so I can get through my yoga now. lol

Anyhoo check out this site for curvy yoga: There is a fee but you can find videos and some free things on the site:

Any side effects? Not really. I had a headache the first few days. But I feel fantastic. Jump in and let me know if you want to do this with me! #teammidlifemargaritas

8 thoughts on “How to Successfully Lose Weight on the Popular Intermittent Fasting Plan Without Giving up Margaritas

  1. This is great! I’m definitely going to give it a try. We eat dinner so late (I blame my husband) that it means a drastic schedule change. But, it’s better than depriving myself of carbs or cocktails. 🍹😎

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  2. I actually did IF for six months successfully DURING quarantine. I started in January and just finished in June. The only reason I stopped was because of my migraine cycle and I was losing anyway because of my migraine diet and medication. But let me tell you, once you start YOU LOSE. It is the best diet ever and you feel amazing once you get into a routine.
    Once I get back on track with my pain management, I will definitely do it again.

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