My Rant for July 2020. I’m Tired of Everyone’s BS.

I almost didn’t even write a post this week because I am so disgusted and ticked at the world right now. So I decided to let it all out right here in my little space of the world. Be warned, I’m going full throttle. TRIGGER WARNING: This is not meant to be political but rather how I feel like all of civilized society is breaking down. I am not happy with any political party or group right now. So don’t take this as political but rather apocalyptical. lol

All anyone can talk about is Covid. I am sick to death of it. Can we just go back to calling it the Corona Virus or the Beer Virus? At least it makes it a little more fun. I still cannot believe that in this day and age, people actually thought Corona Beer caused the virus. For those people who believed that, how do you even get out of bed each morning and put on clothes? Are you just that stupid? I need to know where you attended school so we can get it shut down ASAP.

Also on Covid, how many cases are false positives and negatives? How many tests were altered. How did this virus really start? How close are we to finding a cure or vaccine?

School issues. To go back or not. Either way you can’t make anyone happy with whatever decision is made. And either way kids will suffer.

Wearing a mask is now a fighting phrase? Your rights are being taken away? They (whoever they are) have been slowly eroding our rights for years. The mask thing shouldn’t be your biggest issue. Censorship is maybe where you need to start. Facial recognition cameras and Circuit cameras in every state, city and nation. Computers and companies that sell your information and hack your life. OMG. I could go on.

Racial Unjust, Equality, Women’s Empowerment, Mental health, Child Trafficking, riots and destruction. How about all that? Notice people just turn a blind eye? Or say that the burning, looting and violence is needed to wake people up? Really? I think half the population in the world is stupid. This behavior in all the listed topics above needs to stop. It’s divisive. You will NEVER heal or solve the issues of today with violence and destruction. Or screaming or telling people who disagree with you to shut up. That leads me to think there is something else going on.

Maybe these people don’t want healing or coming together to solve the issues. Maybe they want us to be divided and break down our society. Maybe folks need a real close look at what is happening and stop listening to the same rhetoric over and over. Maybe we need to think for ourselves. Although I don’t think a lot of people are capable anymore. I think there is so much evil and hate that anything goes now. No one is thinking rationally and communities have no one to lead them in the right direction. Just more divisiveness.

Sorry for the rant but is how I feel. We need to rethink everything we are being told. Propaganda is coming at us from all sides. And we are buying into it. So what now?

I promise next week will be a more “up” post. Provided we are still here then. lol

How do you feel? Do you see what I’m saying? Or do I even make sense?

Peace, Love and Margaritas.

27 thoughts on “My Rant for July 2020. I’m Tired of Everyone’s BS.

  1. I think most of us feel like you do. We’re just sick of all of it. I think what we see on the news is NOT the majority of people in the free world, but the news has chosen to focus on it…ratings, you know. So, yes…I completely understand. Gone are the conversations of “how’s the weather?” I’m lonely as heck right now (I’m an extrovert), but I think it’s best for me (and everyone else) if I just stay in my little bubble right now and just keep searching for the “truth,” if it’s even out there anymore. Have another Margarita. I don’t usually drink, but I just might start.

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  2. It’s disgusting what is going on in America and it’s disgusting that the politicians elected don’t have the balls to stand up to anything, especially the ‘mob’. All they have to do is make phone calls and call up the marines. It’s not as if the politicians have to go out and fight themselves. Nope. They are just letting our big cities burn to the ground and then use our tax money to build them back up. Maybe.
    I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that when the election is over, these ‘paid for’ protesters will just silently disappear. It’s mostly white kids at these rallies anyway. I also don’t think the China virus is as vicious as they say BUT my brother did die of it, back in April. What are we going to do if the vaccine doesn’t work? There’s no vaccine for HIV. What are we going to do?
    Personally, I feel the only solution is to change our global lifestyles. No more consumerism or capitalism. Stay home and local more. Less shopping. More gardening. Do we really need to go out and socialize in large numbers? The frugal, self-sustaining lifestyle seems to be keeping people healthy and alive. Utilizing the internet, using Zoom more, and mastering streaming is the way to go! Less pollution and strain on our environment. Tell me, is it really so bad making your home base comfortable and safe??? Is it really so bad eating a more plant based diet? Has it really been so bad shopping less, saving money more? Do we all realize that maybe we are all on to something good? Good for us? Good for the planet? Good for each other?

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    1. Love your outlook on the future! Hopefully we can get somewhere in the middle that will be a happy place for all. You are right the rioters and destruction is paid for and mostly white. Not sure rocket science is necessary to see that. Ugh!

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  3. Even my introverted self is getting cabin fever. I’m trying to be good. In the meantime there are idiots out there stirring up the cooties for no greater good. I’m sick of it. I do think it’s gonna be 2021 before we see the light at the end of the tunnel and by then financially we’ll be in deep caca.

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  4. These “kids” burn, smash and attack all night-every night and yet they seem to be afforded “mob anonymity.” Something isn’t right here..who are they? Why is the press not interested? I am..

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  5. It’s truly a crazy world out there these days. The violence, hatred, and lack of respect for the opinions of others is appalling. 😥 Twitter is the worst. Five minutes of tweet reading, and I’m depressed for the rest of the day.

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  6. Have a rant it’s good for the soul. But remember for every malcontent kicking in the windows of our world there are two — three — five people trying to find a way to open them. cheers

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  7. So much this!! (and I am so damned tire of THAT phrase). My tinhat wearing personality could go on and on about what’s REALLY going on ( the final destruction of the middle class) – but what I find most interesting is that people can’t seem to see that there is a huge difference between “peaceful protestors” and the group of people who are burning, rioting and looting. I had so many heated discussions with friends about why looting and vandalism was hurting the protest (“oh, but you don’t understand – people are ANGRY). That and the people (of all political beliefs) who just can’t seem to think for themselves and refuse to believe anything they see or hear. Orwell was right.

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