13 Hair-Raising Halloween Facts That Will Make Your Skin Crawl And Give You Terrifying Nightmares

Not really that scary but still. Everyone loves a good scare now and then. Do you have a scary story to tell? Leave in the comments!

  1. If a local storefront is closing during the summer, that’s where the next Halloween Spirit store is going to be during October.
  2. Halloween originated in Ireland. Something about some festival to worship the Pagan God of the Harvest. (Because no one can relate it to Satan yet).
  3. No one really knows how to pull a good ‘Trick” anymore because they are too obsessed with getting the candy. Losers.
  4. Rumor has it that a long time ago Halloween was used by women to find a husband. And bobbing for apples helped. WTHeck? How dumb were we back in the olden days?
  5. Candy Corn was originally called “Chicken Feed” a long time ago. Bet you didn’t know that!
  6. Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926. It was a FREAK accident.
  7. If you see a spider on Halloween, it’s really the spirit of a dead loved one. NOPE. I would have to re-kill that relative then. Just sayin.
  8. Did you know that Michael Myers in Halloween wore a mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek? AKA William Shatner. They painted it white to make him look super creepy.
  9. People used to wear masks so ghosts couldn’t recognize them? Kinda like we still do today. Everyday.
  10. Some shelters in the US won’t allow the adoption of black cats on Halloween. Cuz, you know, sacrifices.
  11. In Alabama, it’s illegal to dress up as a priest. (Maybe because of the movie The Exorcist.)
  12. It’s rare to see a full moon on Halloween night but we will see it this year! 2020
  13. During WW II, there was a rationing of sugar. That ended trick-or-treating for a bit. Just like this year, Covid-19 will probably do the same.

*If you have a spooky true story that happened to you, leave it in the comments! Meanwhile, here’s a 2 minute Halloween Video to enjoy. Bet You can’t watch till the end:

Peace, Love and Pumpkins!

7 thoughts on “13 Hair-Raising Halloween Facts That Will Make Your Skin Crawl And Give You Terrifying Nightmares

  1. Our local Pier One closed last year and sure enough, it’s a Spirit Halloween store and it is the most depressing thing ever.
    And is that really true about the Alabama law?? That is pretty funny.
    I remember in high school (in the 80s), I knew a couple who dressed up as a priest and a pregnant nun and it was SHOCKING. Now? I don’t even know that it would turn heads lol.

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  2. My daughter and I are heartbroken – for the past few years we’ve worked as “scarectors” at local haunts (she and her fellow actor won tacos for the team by literally scaring the s*** out of someone). No scaring this year. We might just put on our costumes and wander the streets…..

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  3. and I heard this one before – “The Celts believed that at the end of summer, Samhain, the lord of death…assembles all the evil spirits who had died the previous year and allows them to return home to visit the living…people would wear masks or other disguises and blacken their faces to try and pass unnoticed by the spirits.” https://www.pitara.com/non-fiction-for-kids/festivals-for-kids/why-is-halloween-celebrated/

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