How to Enjoy The Fall Season During a Horrifying Apocalyptic Pandemic. Bonus Drink Recipe!

How’s that for a terrifying title? Thank goodness there isn’t a Pumpkin Spice shortage yet am I right? If that fall vibe hasn’t hit you yet, it will. But 2020 hasn’t been a friend to anyone so why should the fall be different? At least it will pair well with Halloween on ALL levels. I thought The Exorcist was a scary movie, it’s got nothing on 2020. But while we are all suffering from this pandemic, riots and cancel culture right up to the impending election, there is still hope for some normal. I think.

No one can cancel the fall chill in the air, sweater weather and warm mugs of coffee and pumpkin spice something-or-other. You can still put out those mums and pumpkins and play the Monster Mash on Spotify. Before you know it you will be watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown special. Or not. The thing is, we need this fall season. We need to feel a change in the air. We need to change our filters in the house before the heat cranks up.

Halloween brings a whole new set of skills for parents. How to trick-or-treat. I used to love to sit on my porch with a boozy beverage or three and pass out candy to all the little buggers who stop by. Their parents telling them to say please and thank you while we do a little chit-chat before they are on to the next house. Those same little angels who just yesterday let their dog poop in my yard and never picked it up. Bless their little hearts.

This year I may just sit in my warm little house with my hubster and our pup. Drink a few drinks and watch a Netflix show. Not risking giving the candy out. There will be less kids anyway. We can still enjoy the holiday.

But I digress. Lift your fall spirits this year by still decorating, taking drives to see all the fall foliage, meet your friends at the park for wine and cheese dates (donned masks of course) and order a few new sweaters online. πŸ™‚ Take lots of pictures of your charming fall dΓ©cor and post all over FB and Insta to make your friends envious. Hell give out a free bottle of cheap wine for your friends who post the best fall dΓ©cor!

But most of all, start ordering Christmas gifts. Because you don’t want to “fall” behind. lol (See what I did there?)

BONUS: Fall Drink Recipe

Make Hot Chocolate and add a little (or a lot) of Fireball! Gives it a little kick and helps with a dull personality. Follow me for more recipes.

This is a SNL fall theme funny video. Sorry if it offends!

Enjoy the Fall Y’all! Peace, Love and Margaritas!

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