Ok Pinterest, You Make Holiday Decorations Look So Easy But You Make Me Feel Like An Epic Fail!

I want to be one of those super creative people that makes their own holiday decorations. I am NOT one of those people. Unfortunately, Pinterest makes me feel incompetent. Isn’t it bad enough I fall down that creative rabbit hole for hours and feel super inspired, only to try and fail over and over again?

I’m the mom that bought tons of “Creative Memories” stuff back in the 90’s. I bet I spent a community college tuition on that stuff. Made one page. Not even a whole scrapbook. It looked like a third grader did the work. A few years ago I finally sold all the stuff I had bought from those at home parties. Scrap book pages, scissors, stickers, picture cutters, etc. in a yard sale. A Young mom even asked what all that was. When I told her she said, “Oh I do digital Scrapbooks”. Duh. We didn’t have those back in my mom days.

One of my BFF’s just finished up Christmas Gnomes she made. They look like they were from a store! She even used old coffee pods for the Gnomes feet. All I could do was drink the coffee and send her my used coffee pods! Why can’t I be creative? Is it genetics?

Remember that company ‘Stampin Up’? Another fail on my list. Then Pinterest came on the scene. I was so hopeful. All those pictures of crafty decorations I could “pin” to a board then refer back to when I was ready to make something. They gave you pictures and easy steps, tutorials etc. Then for some reason my projects turned out NOTHING like the pictures on Pinterest!


Yep, even something that looked this simple on Pinterest I couldn’t do. I’ve included the link so you can try it though! Great website also!

I am not a crafter. There I said it. Isn’t that the first step to recovery? I’m not a DIYer either. I’m a shopper. I can shop for the best and be happy with it. I still may need some therapy to get my self-esteem back. I still use Pinterest for home designs and things I can SHOP for. I started using it for recipes too. Not great results but much better than DIY/Crafting.

So my kids don’t have many scrapbooks. Just a bunch of pictures uploaded to Facebook. But they know I love them and they don’t judge me for my lack of crafts. SO Pinterest, you may have dulled my self-esteem but you will never take me all the way down. I applaud all you crafty bitches. I will save you the coffee pods, wine corks and Styrofoam balls. I’ll even save you my empty liquor bottles so you can be the DIYer you were born to be. Just make me a craft once in awhile. I’ll hang it up or add it to my store bought tree at Christmas.

Here are just a few “fails” so you can see what I mean:

Happy Holidays Y’all! (From a recovering Pinterester)

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