A Very Merry Covid Holiday. Keep Your Spirits And Masks Up!

Well it was bound to happen. Both the hubster and myself have been hijacked by the Covid. We wear masks, wash our hands, don’t touch our faces and barely go anywhere. Yet that SOB virus found us anyway. Fortunately we have mild cases of it. And we have no idea where we got it from. But I will tell you, it best be gone by Christmas!

So imagine finding out 3 hours before your kids are due to show up for an early Thanksgiving dinner that your husband cannot taste or smell anything. We both felt tired but we had been planning dinner and decorating for Christmas. So we cancelled dinner, and went for a test. 12 hours later we had tested positive for Covid.

So completely bummed we won’t see the kids but we also don’t want to spread it. We had already decided not to do our annual extended family holidays and just keep it super small. Now it’s just the two of us and the dog. Of course the dog is in heaven because we are both home and at his every beck and call. Spoiled pup.

Symptoms? Well if you haven’t been under a rock, you know any symptom is a symptom of Covid. Stub your toe on the corner of the bed frame? Covid. Headache? Covid. Have to pee a lot? Covid. But ours is ear pain, cough that feels like your lungs are coming up but in a weird way it feels super good, tired and needing naps all day, having to pee all day, achy and chills.

But we have been ordering groceries online and having them delivered to our porch. Same with Door Dash to get yummy take out that my poor husband can’t even taste. But he’s not giving up. Church friends offering to drop off stuff and lots of Netflix.

What I just described is our dealings with Covid. It’s different for everyone. Some are so sick they are hospitalized, some needing lung transplants. To those with no symptoms at all. Have you ever in your life heard of a virus like this? Even with vaccines coming quickly, there are already a lot more strains to deal with. Meanwhile we are all trying to stay well and I think our immune systems are in shock and making us more susceptible to everything.

Oh and fun fact: Minks in Denmark that had Covid and were killed and buried, have been coming back to life and digging out of their graves! Walking Dead much? I told Y’all!!!!!! Here’s the link: COVID-19: Denmark minks seem to be rising from the dead (usatoday.com)

I can’t make this stuff up. I think we are about to see even more strange things that we can’t believe. What a time to be alive! But I digress. I just finished my Christmas shopping online and hopefully we can see our kids at Christmas.

So I’m not going to tell you to wear a mask or not. I’m not going to tell you (a rational intelligent human) how to live your life or how to protect yourself from Covid. But I do want to tell you one thing. Be nice to each other. Whether you agree with others or not, it’s free to be nice. We can’t take much more nastiness. You do you and I’ll do me. I’ll smile at you and you can smile back at me. Just be nice. It’s easier than you can ever imagine.

Side note: If you haven’t seen Kevin Hart’s new Netflix comedy show, watch it now. He talks about The Vid. It’s ok to laugh a little. I freakin love that guy!

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22 thoughts on “A Very Merry Covid Holiday. Keep Your Spirits And Masks Up!

  1. Thank God! You don’t have to be specific, but do you have suspicions as to how you may have been exposed or no idea at all? It scares me when people who are basically doing what we’ve been asked to do get it anyway..

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      1. Geez. that is really scary. I mean I went to Target today and SAMS club..all masked up etc..but maybe that’s not enough if you come into contact with someone at just the right moment. Well, I’m glad it’s mild for you guys..these are the stories I am grateful to hear because there are so many awful ones highlighted all the time on TV etc.

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  2. Now I have visions of someone wearin. A mink coat that suddenly comes to life-what a glorious Christmas miracle that would be!

    Glad your visit with ‘rona was mild. Ours here was as well, but I keep worrying she will come back like she forgot something (did she leave a necklace behind as an excuse to return!?!)

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