The Karens Have Taken Over The Internet And They Are Growing Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs

You know what they call a pack of Karens? A Complaint or Terror. (According to some Reddit thread)

I am so over the “Karens” of the world. And I’m not talking about women whose actual name is Karen. I imagine women who were given the name Karen by their families had no idea one day their name would be hijacked and memed to mean: “Karen is a pejorative term for someone as believing themselves to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.” – Wikipedia Sound like anyone you know?

A lot of you know that my “real” job is in social media marketing and consultation. So I have to be ON social media all the time. Therefore I see a lot of things that make my southern fried blood boil on the daily. I see the nastiness and the adult “mean girl” stuff that goes down. Wonder why children are bullies and act out often? Maybe their mom is a Karen. You’ve seen the news where women (mostly white) call the cops on people who they feel don’t belong in a park, pool or even their own home. They call the police to report them, often lying about what is actually happening. And even when they are caught and put on the news, they still think they are in the right! I don’t know how anyone can think like that.

Karens are also found complaining to store managers all the time. You can see their nasty meter go up extremely high when they ask to speak to a manager and the person they are speaking to says, “I AM the manager”. That’s when you pull out your phone and start videoing. Do they still give money to the funniest video on TV?

Let me throw in here that I love all my friends named Karen. None of them are like the memes. I know it’s irritating for them to hear the Karen thing. But what else can we call them? The B word comes to mind but it’s so over used. So I’m just apologizing now for any women with the name Karen. My aunt included!

So what prompted me to write about this? Facebook.

I came across a post that was discussing a situation about someone well-known that was not making great choices in public. I’m having to be vague so I don’t get sued here. Instead of just discussing the incident, these women felt this person needed a public shaming. They cheered each other on for “calling them out” and actually harassing and stalking them. The “Karens” would then post screen shots of their encounters with the well-known person and energized themselves to keep it up. It was borderline psychotic. It was mean bizarre.

My point to all this is simply, check yourself. What this person did may not have been a great choice. But it’s how you HANDLE the conversations with those people that matter. Instead of bashing someone on social media and sharing screenshots, maybe have a conversation with that person or persons that’s not so combative. You see if we are always in combat mode with people, we can NEVER get them to change or own their mistakes. Also we are not without sin as they say. We eff up too. I would change my screw ups if someone were to talk to me about it as a rational person with concerns rather than coming at me with hundreds of other “Karens” shaming me and dragging me through the mud on social media. I’m no Saint. And as far as I know, neither is anyone else. Let that sink in.

So all these self-righteous Karens need to take a step back. Why is that person hitting back at you? Because you felt you needed to correct them with insults and shame in a public forum. Sure you have freedom of speech and the RIGHT to do it. But is your past so squeaky clean that you can do it and sleep good at night? I guess so if 99 other Karens are rooting you on. Karen may think she is always right, but I doubt it.

If you live in a community with a HOA, you might know several Karens. They love to be a part of the HOA (Home Owners Association). They feel the need to write people up for everything little thing. I had a complaint on me from a Karen saying I needed to paint my front door to help uphold the standards of our neighborhood. Funny thing is, I had my entire house painted (including the door) 3 months before the complaint. So I went to my online HOA portal and placed a note that I had repainted my door. And it was cleared the next day. OMG. She actually thought I painted it that day. Bless her black Karen heart.

Next time a Karen is asking to speak to the manager or calling the police on a situation that you know is not on the up and up or shaming some one else for a mistake, gently ask that Karen to change her tone to get the answers she needs or the results she wants. But if Karen is just trying to cause an uproar for attention (like these wonderful ladies I witnessed on FB) maybe ask her to take a little walk with you. Around the back of the building. To look for a runaway pet. You get my drift….

Peace Love and Margaritas for all the REAL Karen’s out there. 🙂

16 thoughts on “The Karens Have Taken Over The Internet And They Are Growing Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs

  1. You are spot on with this post! I was in an online group (which I helped start) to help parents and our kids during the “keep them out of school fear- movement” sweeping our nation. I got so sick of the “screen shots” that were gleefully posted on teachers thinking they were “confidentially” supporting someone only to have their job and life questioned on social media. There were parents – yes – adults doing this and so stinking proud of themselves!! It may be a different platform but it is the same mentality of the people in high school. GROW UP!! Uggg

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  2. This was so funny. I have a cousin that is a ” Karen” not in name, in personality. She gets online and stirs up hate all the time. She tries to get everyone of her friends involved too and if you don’t join in her bullying ways you become her next victim. It can be exhausting. I feel bad for the real Karens in name only, they didn’t do anything. just got a Karen name. Maybe we should change the name to meanie babies. Not something I would line up to collect that’s for sure.

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  3. I’m going to throw a what if at you. Say a person is on line waiting to buy something. Someone tries to pickpocket them. If they cream and it then gets recorded by a bystander, does the women get labeled a karen because it looks like she’s yelling at a harmless person?

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      1. I get it. But I faced this situation yesterday. And I didn’t scream or yell Or even accuse the guy of trying to pickpocket me, I just said Hey and moved away, because my first thought was, if I make a scene, someone is going to videotape my reaction but not what led up to it…so we need to tread real carefully

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      2. But it’s sobering to think of people being labeled something when we didn’t see or aren’t privy to what happened prior. It’s sort of changed my thinking. I’m still processing it however, so expect a post eventually

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