The Truth About Fact Checking The Loud Mouths Of The World On Social Media And Why You Shouldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass

Have you gone to any of those “Fact Checking” sites lately? I’m not talking about Snopes either. I’m talking about the ones that claim to verify factual information. I personally like to use Twitter or Facebook for fact checking. All those people are really in the know. Some say they’ve been fact checking for years and years. So it’s a little crazy when you go to a reputable fact checkers page on social media and find their accounts shut down. Wonder what gives?

Consider these facts:

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, started Facebook from his dorm room in 2004 with some other nerdy types. They needed a place to safely find and rate girls according to their looks. Now they are considered one of the greatest free speech violators fact checkers of all times. Mark has even become political and trying to help reform the Justice system as well as help with other political needs. And to think it all started with rating girls on their looks. So the next time you have a friend who ends up in “Facebook jail” know that they have been thoroughly fact checked and punished accordingly!

Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey, created Twitter so people could message each other online. Cool story bro. You can only use a certain amount of characters to do this, but it’s still considered a popular platform. Even Jack once got suspended from his own twitter account. So we trust this guy to give us the 411 on political candidates. He even had to testify in a senate intelligence committee meeting about lots of “conservatives” being deleted or banned from Twitter. Horrors! But it’s all good. One thing Jack, please shave that massive beard. It makes you look like a total recluse living in an abandoned cabin in Colorado. Just sayin.

Now let’s talk about the big dog, the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Gates. Founder of Microsoft. He’s a techie kinda guy who almost graduated from Harvard. He and a childhood friend worked hard to make Microsoft a huge software company. He was shockingly accused of monopolization too. But he was always a giver. A philanthropist by his own right. Giving money to help with climate change other world issues. Now he is focused on medical issues. Like developing shots and stuff to help fight off diseases. Not sure if he has a medical degree but you can fact check it. I think he is the one to ask what an algorithm is. You might want to fact check that too.

The above are very helpful in fact checking as I said before. But for me, I use Google. I admit I do use FB and Twitter but Google is much more reliable. If you have some common sense, go with your gut. Consider yourself lucky. Not many people have common sense anymore. It’s like we are a bunch of herded sheep and we don’t want that.

I say all that above to say this, the facts aren’t always the true facts. We the people can be manipulated easily. You can’t always believe what you see, hear or read. Sometimes fact checkers are wrong. And should you really give a rat’s ass anyway? Life is short. Prioritize people. Eat the cake, shoot for the moon and love the one you’re with. 🙂

This is a satirical unchecked opinion of the state of the world right now by some crazy midlife, margarita drinking broad, who has nothing better to do. Hate me, love me, who cares. Stop being so serious. And for goodness sakes, stop posting things on social media that aren’t true. Bless your hearts.

Lastly, let’s Fact Check Some Disney Movies!

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

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