People With No Sense Of Humor, Are You Trying To Be A Difficult Ass? Or Are You Just A Soul Sucking Demon From Hell?

You know these people right? The soulless, humorless, most boring people in the world. They surround us like a pandemic with no vaccine in sight. It’s getting pretty scary out there, not knowing when they will rise up and end all the memes and funny people will be out o’ bizness!

As you may know, Midlife Margaritas has a meme page on Facebook. Sometimes we go a little overboard when sharing a meme or posting a funny. Yep, we’ve been known to cross the line a few times. But there will always be trolls who have no sense of humor and can’t wait to start a shitshow in the comments. This used to really bother DC Stanfa, my friend in crime who passed away recently. I used to tell her “we can’t make everyone happy. We’re not Tequila.” She’d laugh and say I was right. I would try to not engage in the negative. It’s what the trolls want. They live, eat and breathe drama. Bless their soulless hearts. Sometimes I’ll respond with a gif of someone rolling their eyes. That seems to really irritate them.

Truth is, I don’t mean to insult anyone but we have to laugh at ourselves once in awhile to keep sane. That’s a FACT Capt’n Jack Morgan. Sometimes we can see ourselves in one of the memes and have to laugh at it because we get the funnier message behind the meme that others may not get. Does that make sense?

Then there are the people that don’t understand humor. I haven’t figured out what to do with them yet. Example, I posted a meme about that chick that glued her hair down with Gorilla Glue and then decided to sue the GG company. Most people got it but then others want to tell ME how I need to use regular hairspray and not glue spray. I DIDN’T DO IT! The crazy chick did it! And honestly, I get this a lot. People thinking the meme is a post about me and they need to help me fix a problem. IT’S HUMOR!

I don’t know what goes wrong for some people. They like and follow my blog and/or meme page and then proceed to tell me I am an awful person for making fun of things. Then they want to TELL me they have to unfollow me. Because I am a terrible person. My posts are my real life storylines or opinions and everyone has the equal opportunity to scroll on by.

Secretly I have to admit it gives a me a little buzz of excitement when the trolls and humorless people start the drama. I’m all like, oh hold up! Let me grab another coffee or glass of wine and see how this turns out! The last one ended with someone posting that everyone who found a certain post funny were all Trump supporters. My eyes rolled so hard into the back of my head I thought they would stay there permanently. Where in the world did their lives go so badly?

So go post your comments and shout to the world how inappropriate my posts are but really the sad thing is not being able to at least chuckle or just scroll by. Quietly. Negativity and Ugliness will never change the world. But laughter and bottomless margaritas will. (You can quote me on that)

And as I usually do, here’s a video for a chuckle or two. (Poet and didn’t know it!)

Peace Love and Margaritas Y’all!

4 thoughts on “People With No Sense Of Humor, Are You Trying To Be A Difficult Ass? Or Are You Just A Soul Sucking Demon From Hell?

  1. The amount of people out in cyberland that feel the need to “fix you” or “educate you” just keeps growing. Honestly, I think it’s cuz we’re all bored as you-know-what and have nothing better to do. Doesn’t excuse it, but it may explain it. Instagram used to be a place of innocent fun. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks, the trolls moving in and setting up camp more and more. They really suck the fun out of everything. Wish I was a s thick-skinned as you. What happened to, “if you can’t say something nice…” Nothing to see here, just move along. And BTW, did you see the Saturday Night Live skit on the Gorilla Glue Girl? Pretty funny.

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