Thirsty Thursdays with Midlife Margaritas. Cocktails and Celebrities Edition.

What? A second blog post in one week?! Have I lost my mind? The answer is yes. No shame in my game. I’ve been posting once a week for a few years now and I decided it was time to mix it up. Maybe I’ll start posting more for all my loving, adoring fans and friends. So what should I write about?

Don’t worry, I am still going to post on Monday’s with my famous ramblings and rants. But maybe on Thursdays I could post weird things/products I find on the interwebs along with cool videos, cocktail recipes, and things you just need to know about. Let me know in the comments or email me what topics you’d like to see on my posts!

If you haven’t already, follow my Midlife Margaritas FB page for memes on the daily. Some are chuckle worthy, others semi cross the line. (I don’t apologize). I’m working on a big TikTok roll out too. Not sure when but get ready! This world needs all the laughs we can muster up and I will find it anywhere I can and help spread the funnies. I also need a name for this segment here for Thursday Posts. Today I will name it Thirsty Thursdays. Let me know if you can think of another name too! Ok let’s roll!


Let’s start with Chartreuse Champagne


How to mix

Add cognac and green chartreuse into a champagne glass. Top up with champagne. Garnish with lemon! So easy peasey right?

From :

Once you have that mixed, You’ll need one of those fancy Charcuterie Boards like this one from Salt and Rust Designs | Facebook

Now it’s time to par-tay! Double points if you can pronounce Charcuterie. Now do it 3 times fast.

Today’s Weird News:

In Orange City Florida, some guy gave stole his girlfriends engagement ring and wedding bands and used them to purpose to his other girlfriend. WHAT the actual hell? It gets better. The first girlfriend finds out he is engaged to someone else, so like any woman that gets screwed over, she looked up the other girl on FB. Sees the rings and realizes they are HER rings! How this guy is still alive is amazing. Anyway, the cops find him and he has drug warrants out on him. Shocker! He was identified because of his tattoo that says, “Only God Can Judge Me”. Dude. You might need more than God right now, just saying.

Cool New Products:

This is a game changer! Not available yet but when it hits the market, it will change your life! Check it out:

Celebrity of the Week:

Sofia Vergara just won a court battle with her ex. He can’t use their frozen embryos without her consent. Seems he wanted to take “custody” of them, finish baking them and naming them. I mean, I just can’t. So many things here that are weird. He tried to name them to get them through the court case.

I’ve never had frozen eggs so I am not sure what I would do in this case. Anyone have an idea what they would do?

Lastly A Comedian Spotlight. I found this guy on TikTok and think he’s worth a shoutout!

Rocky Dale Davis. So funny!

Peace Love and Margaritas Y’all! Till next week…

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