Subscription Boxes Are The In Thing For The Best Gift Giving Experience, And I Know The Best One!

Recently, Cheryl Gossman from, contacted me about her Subscription and Gift Box business and asked me to check out one of their gift boxes. I’m all about those subscription boxes so of course I said an enthusiastic YES! But this gift box company is very unique and has the sweetest story behind it. 🙂

Cheryl’s mom was a women who had the gift to make everyone feel loved, valued and encouraged. After Cheryl’s mom, Marilyn, passed away from cancer, Cheryl and two of her sorority sisters started a company using the legacy of her mom to continue to spread light into the world with gifts to share with family and friends to spread kindness and love. Oh and the hummingbird logo? That comes from Cheryl’s mom too. She loved birds and what a fitting logo!

I received my gift box the other day and I was more than thrilled! It was wrapped so sweetly and the items in it were perfect! I definitely felt loved. There was a journal with inspirational sayings inside, a push-up candy, the cutest pen with a diamond top, lip balm, pop-open cards with different messages on them and other candies named Tequila, Berry Margarita and Cosmopolitan! You know that THRILLED me! Here are some pictures:

If you love to give gifts or even give yourself one, visit and check it out. Feel free to send me any of their gift boxes. 🙂 I know you will love it! You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook. And don’t forget you will be supporting a woman owned business!

I made a little video of me opening my box and you can view it on Instagram Reels! Here’s a sweet picture of Marilyn herself:

Peace, Love & Margaritas Y’all!

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