This Weeks Funny Tweets And Checking In On The Universe To See If We Are All Still Headed To Hell In A Handbasket

This week nothing seems funny. But dammit, I am determined to find a giggle or two! Check out the winners from Twitter I chose to share with you:

@cellapaz my fitness goal is for people to stop adding “for your age” after “you look great”

@perlhack If the waitress at IHOP doesn’t call you ‘hon’ you get a free side of bacon

@geekysteven *Updates the skills section of resume* “Can click ‘continue watching’ on Netflix with my toes so I don’t have to get up. “

@osoplain Not everyone was Kung foo fighting I was just trying to get out of my sports bra

@SarcasticSadOne 2019: I’m almost out of workout clothes. I should do laundry. 2021: I’m almost out of pajamas. I should order more pajamas.

@mom_tho one minute you’re 20 and limber and before you know it you’re 37 and cursing yourself for sitting with your leg crossed for too long cuz now it’s numb and you won’t be able to walk for 3 mins

@SassyWineMama My idea of juicing is squeezing a lime into my margarita.

Did you at east chuckle? If not, here’s a video. If you still don’t at least smile, then you need therapy and medication. Just Sayin’.

That’s it for this week. Come back next week to see if the world is back on track or still heading to hell in a handbag!

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