We Need to Protect Our Sanity At All Costs Or We will Be Left Burning Down The House. (Now You Have That Song In Your Brain)

Welcome to another uplifting post that will inspire you and make you a better person. lol

I don’t have to rehash the news for you. You know what’s going on in the world. Question is, can we change the channel? I don’t mean to be a bitch but I’m pretty over everything. The news, podcasts, late night tv, blogs, social media, friends and family are all talking about how bad things are. You know what? I want to start something new. Create new news. We need happy and funny things. We need 99% less negativity and 100% good news. There are just days I want to leave my house without a mask and just be a rebel. Everyone has had enough time to get vaccinated and if you choose not too, then that’s on you dude.

The therapists out there are certainly making bank on all this but even they need a damn break. Not just the US but the entire world is divided and filled with hate. It gets worse every. single. day. Why? Because everyone is using bad behavior, violence, disrespect, words that trigger and anything else we can think of to piss off the other side. NONE of us are exempt. We all share responsibility in all of this. And everyone acts like a victim. And for the media, misery and hate are the only way to go apparently.

I actually do mean everyone has a share in this mess. We can’t have a conversation about facts and feelings because no one is listening to the others. Seems to me all of mankind has an elitist’s attitude.

I can tell you what the problem is. It’s hate. On all sides. And it is as simple as that. Until the hate simmers down, we can never be a peaceful world. Not even close. I’m sure some will disagree with me. That’s your right. But the problem is hate. And everyone hates something/somebody.

So I am choosing to opt-out. Opt-out of the insanity I see everyday. I will watch stupid funny videos and movies, talk to people who will talk about other topics than what we can’t agree on, and I will steer clear of idiots and victims. I will choose comedians who will actually be funny, and read things that will lift me up. I hope you can do the same. Other wise you may be looking at getting a therapist. I prefer prosecco to therapy. Just my two pennies.

Life is too short. Drink the margarita, use the cuss words, sleep in on the weekends, travel where you can, don’t believe anything you read or hear on the news, and find your happy place. Keep your sanity. Until people learn to spread love not hate, we will need to protect our sanity.

For those of you thinking I’m for one side or the other, you are wrong. I’m for the human side that is losing quickly. I’m for people standing up for themselves and not being the victim. I’m for those who refuse to be told they can’t do this or that or be the person they want to be. I’m for the those people who have dreams and goals and the desire to help others, not tear them down. I’m for the ones that will work for change, not just scream about it. I’m for those that are tired and weary of all the drama and hate. I especially feel for the people who are being lied to and mislead. I feel for those who might never be able to figure out the truth.

So protect your sanity at all costs. The world is going to need us when everything burns to the ground and there is nothing left. That’s when the real work begins. Stay Sane.

Here’s the video to Burning Down The House. Now get up and DANCE!

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