Midlife Moving and Grooving But My Brain Can’t Remember Which Moving Box The Margarita Pitcher Is In. S#!t.

Hey Friends! Most of you know that we recently downsized to an apartment (A very Luxury place!) and we are still unpacking. Problem is, can’t find s#!t. Boxes are labeled but I’m finding not everything is labeled correctly. We have 2 storage closets too. Packed to the ceiling. And to think, we were so proud of the big purge we did before moving! I did manage to find my favorite coffee mugs. Yay.

My friend Robin and I were discussing how different apartment life is now compared to the stone ages when we were just out of college. Don’t worry, we will do a video on that soon! Biggest thing is, some apartments are laid out very well with a more open concept. Lots of storage, garages, spas, pools, dog parks…it’s like resort living. I highly recommend this for midlifers and empty nesters.

I’ll soon be out shopping for all the things I can’t find in the unpacking faze. Like where the hell is my margarita pitcher? The emotions are all over the place from happy (yay new place and more cabinets!) to mad (where is that pitcher?) to weepy (found the paw print from my sweet pup who passed away a few years ago) to happy again (Our current pup licking my toes because he knows I’m a little sad. 🙂

The hubby and dog have met new people at the dog park. I’ve smiled and said hello to strangers on the elevators but now real connections yet. Must find new drinking friends. Oh did I mention there is a local bar just steps from my building? No need for Uber now!

So while I am still sorting through the stuff, I have no regrets. This move is going to be awesome. Stay tuned for more adventures with me!

What is your midlife looking like?

Peace Love and Margaritas

6 thoughts on “Midlife Moving and Grooving But My Brain Can’t Remember Which Moving Box The Margarita Pitcher Is In. S#!t.

  1. Congratulations on the move! A bar within steps of the new place sounds fab. We walked to our local brewery the other night – they’re fabulous, but they do NOT have any margaritas. My midlife has been filled with hormonal surges and indecision about what I want to be when I grow up. Nobody told me that I would be re-living my teenage years. Happy Friday!

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  2. Being now 66 (shocking!) I guess I’ll have to confess to being past midlife. However, I have said for probably the last 15 years that I was going to live to 90 so I’m asking you to cut me a little slack.

    I think you’d agree that I’ve retained or regained or rediscovered my midlife mojo since I’m looking forward to making a move myself, as soon as I tie up the last strands of my chaotic life. I hope that will happen sooner than later but unfortunately it’s out of my control.

    Of course what will be in my control is where I will end up living. I expect that to be near my 2 adult daughters who each independently came up with the idea that I should move closer to them. Lucky for me, they both live in the same city! I already know where they are has a lot of things I’m interested in pursuing and partaking, including breweries. I am not a beer lover but they have been working on teaching me the finer points of ales, IPAs and I don’t all remember what now. Lucky for them, I introduced them to wine and I’m pretty sure we all love margaritas!

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