How To Find Some Sanity By Writing A To-Do List And Letter Writing Campaign Then Celebrate With An Extra Large Margarita.

I wake up every morning thinking this will be the day I will be like Cinderella and clean my house with the singing birds and mice helping and all will be blissful. Then it feels like the wicked step sisters show up about noon and wreck my world. All goes to hell and I wind up needing a big ole piece of chocolate cake.

But I decided recently that to help my sanity, I should make a to-do list of what I need to do to end those wicked step sisters and the crazy old bat stepmom. So let’s break that glass slipper and save the world! (The sound of glass breaking and angels singing High Hopes).

So in listing out what robs my joy every day, I thought I would list a few for you as an example to get your list started:

  1. The News -Every. Damn. Day
  2. Other People
  3. Politicians
  4. Stupidity
  5. Education or lack there of
  6. Most people

See that’s just a sample. Now the To-Do List:

*Write a letter to every major news channel and on-line news source and tell them to include more happy news. And to fire all their drama queens.__

*Write a letter or email to every politician in DC and tell them to get their 5#it together and work it out using common sense and stop acting like you know everything. (I could include a lot more on this one but I don’t want the Secret Service or FBI showing up to my house and making me disappear.)__

*Remind as many people as I can on a daily basis to look inward into their souls and remember they are not perfect nor do they know everything. __

*Pet all the dogs and other animals when I see them. They are stuck with us and we carry a lot of baggage but they love us anyway.__

*Remind parents that they or their children’s teachers don’t know everything. We are all winging most of it trying to keep our children from falling behind and getting through the messes we have made for their futures.__

*Remind school admins and higher ups that we really need to educate our children to become successful citizens and hard workers to keep our world moving forward and becoming better. Not playing politics and pushing our own morals and values on impressionable kids. That’s the parents job.__

*Send emails and letters to state level leaders in ALL of our states and tell them to get an handle on crime, rioting and the disruption of peace for everyone. It isn’t helpful at all.__

*Stop saying “Be Kind” because no one is listening. JUST DO IT. (Sorry Nike but it’s all I can think of here.)__

*Remind all leaders in our county at all levels that Race wars are being created BY them. We need to stop using divisive content, language and bullshit to keep the races separated. We are all trying to get through life and are tired of it. We are ALL God’s children and we need to just love each other. It’s not that hard.__

*Lastly, give all stand up comedians a raise. They are the thread holding this whole shitshow together!__

Now you might disagree with my list and letter writing campaign but I don’t care. This is about my sanity. This is out of concern for our nation and world. Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone is right though. And some are just A holes. So Cheers to everyone! Enjoy the Olympics, the rest of your summer and pray the end of this pandemic is near. Oh and Be Kind…

Peace, Love and Margaritas

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