Another Year, Another Birthday And Everyday Should Be Celebrated Like You Are 21 And Are Legal To Drink. Again.

Todays message comes to you via the parking lot of a Sheet’s gas station while I suck down a chocolate milkshake. Thought I’d write from here instead of at home in case, you know, the milkshake brings all the boys to my yard. Don’t need that nonsense. But let’s get down to it shall we?

I’m turning 55 in a few weeks. Not even mad about it! I feel like I’m 70ish during this very oppressive heatwave we are having but other than that I feel like I’m 30. I just moved to Swankyville (apartment life) after selling our house last month, retired from my early education director career and figuring out what to do next. Exciting times my friends!

But I did lose my mind last week and posted some cryptic social media posts that stirred up some s#!T but it had to be done. I admit I went all middle school mean girl and did a thing. But in my defense, I’m tired of adult women being petty, mean, fake and downright rude to other women. So I posted a few posts and hopefully showed that I am sick of a few peoples crap and if that doesn’t work, we may have to meet up in a Target parking lot and throw hands. I may be turning 55 but my immature side is still young and strong.

Other than that and the insane times we now live in, I’m doing great. Still waiting for new furniture I ordered in JUNE to arrive in SEPTEMBER. We do have barstools and patio furniture and a bed. Once we get it all and looking nice I’m planning on having a virtual house warming party an everyone is invited!

But my whole point to this is that I’m turning 55 and feel great! I don’t see any downsides. The world is just as wide open to possibilities as it was when I was 25. I started my social media consulting biz back in 2014 and it’s really grown. AND I still love it! The people I met are crazy fabulous and have the most awesome life stories. Speaking of stories, I think I’m ready to write that book I’ve been putting off. It might make some people mad or disappointed in me but I’m ok with that. As my old friend DC Stanfa told me before she passed away, “Missy you have a story that needs to be told. So write it!” so, I’m doing it DC! DC was the author of the book, ‘The Art Of Table Dancing’, and a great friend to me. She passed last year and I still miss her daily. She had the same sense of humor and weirdness as me and I loved her for it.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go all Debbie Downer but you can still purchase her book. 🙂 Anywho, no matter how old you are or are feeling, life still has lots to give you. Be open to it, embrace it and always bet on Red.

Peace Love and Margaritas!

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