It’s My Birthday And I’m Going To Outlive Betty White. Oh, You’re Going To Want To Read This While Sipping A Margarita.

I turned 55 today. I still feel 21 mentally and and it probably shows. But, I’m not going to apologize. Lately I’ve noticed other adults acting like middle schoolers. Who wants to revisit that awkward age anyway? And I’m super blessed to be as mentally there and healthy as I possible can given my traumatic upbringing. (Just Kidding Dad!)

Seriously I could stand to lose weight but there will be cake and margaritas today. I’ll start tomorrow. (Orphan Annie singing “Tomorrow” in the background) As a matter of fact I am on my third Mimosa so buckle up bitches! I’m going on a roll!

What I’ve learned in my young 55 years that I want to pass on to all you younger chicks and chickens.

  1. You think there were Mean Girls in high school? 55+ adults are just as bad. Even worse if they are anonymous behind the keyboard of a laptop.
  2. We take life way to seriously and we don’t have near enough fun anymore.
  3. We are offended easily and forget that life doesn’t care if we are offended. We need to remember to brush that mess off and teach our kids that life is not fair and we need to be prepared for being treated unfairly as well as being offended. If we can’t teach them how to handle the fireballs, they will often get burned.
  4. You can’t change anyone’s mind or emotions but you have all the power to handle your own.
  5. Everyone (EVERYONE) is responsible for their own life and the outcomes. Sure we all get hit with a disaster here and there but it’s all about perspective and handling your stuff.
  6. There are miracles everywhere. You just have to pay attention and stop walking through life like a Zombie.
  7. Friends come and go in your lifetime. Some of you will understand their purpose in your life, others you will question if God is just messing with ya.
  8. It’s ok to take a day and binge a show, from your bed, while still in your pj’s.
  9. Count your blessings daily.
  10. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Prove them wrong.
  11. You can start a new career or something you love doing at ANY age. I promise you!
  12. Be the one to inspire someone instead of breaking them down.
  13. Have empathy and compassion for others but also stand up for yourself and adhere to the boundaries you set.
  14. Lastly and most importantly: If you feel “Stuck” or in a rut, do something else. Figure out what makes you happy and set goals to get there. Sometimes you just gotta “self motivate”.

So what’s Betty White got to do with this? She is one of my role models. Her career, personality and humor are everything I aspire to. I might not outlive her, but I would love to be that funny, healthy, confident and a great person just like her. So, Thanks Betty White, for being you and showing the world it can be done.

Also: sorry. For my birthday, if you all are so inclined to throw a few dollars at a charity near and dear to my heart, North Carolina Coastal Federation, click the link and I will take a shot for every dollar given!

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