Red Flags That You Are In A MLM Cult And What You Should Do Next To Get Out Before It’s Too Late

What? You haven’t watched the LuLaRich docuseries yet? Friends, you really need to watch it. I found it on Amazon Prime and the real life drama, #bossbabes, deceit and weird patriarchal context of this company was even more exciting to watch than I first thought! I had to keep reminding myself this was real life!

Now I’m not saying that all MLM’s are a cult but seem to be. This one (through watching the series) seemed predatory on stay and home moms/wives and it was very obvious to the viewer. But very subtle to those women stuck in it. I mean it is the age of Empowering Women and what a better way to start a company than have that as part of your business model. I used to use the hashtag Boss Babes but no more! Now it makes me cringe.

Please note that all of this is only my opinion from watching LuLaRich. I was once in an MLM as a stay at home mom selling kitchen stuff. I was never pressured or mistreated in this venture. I sold stuff for them for many years. But I gave all the money I made in this business back to them to buy more kitchen stuff. I was so addicted so it’s really funny when you learn I hate to even cook. I still have all of it. So I don’t think I was ever in a cult. But let’s get back to the LuLaDrama!

Here are some Red Flag takeaways from the docuseries:

  1. Business appealed to stay at home moms and wives who desired to make some money from home to “give back” to the family.
  2. They prey on those women’s insecurities.
  3. Costs thousands to be able to sell the clothing.
  4. If you couldn’t afford to pay out right, it was suggested strongly that you get a new credit card, take out loans and even sell breast milk! I mean seriously?
  5. Appearances: If you were too thick, you might want to go with some friends to Mexico for a cheap weight loss surgery. Always have your hair and makeup on. And your family should be the model for a happy, healthy and Patriarchal structure.
  6. At some point your told to “retire” your husband and have him take over the business you worked so hard for and you become just the “helper”. This makes you very vulnerable with this as your families only income. They have you now!

The business grew rapidly and I feel like the founders didn’t know what to do at that point. They hired some of their kids with no experience and it spiraled out of control. They had to put their merchandise out in a parking lot because they ran out of space. Weather damaged a lot of merch and it was sent to the retailers anyway. Once retailers complained, the founders told them it was their fault (retailers) that nothing was wrong with the merch. So lack of support from the company. Typical cult style.

Now retailers are suing the company and trying to start their lives over. So much for women empowerment and family first. At this time I believe the company is still in business. I have to say they have cute leggings. I can see how women would want to do this and get all caught up in it. My hope is that since the docuseries, the founders might rethink the business plan and try again. But cleaning up the cult might be hard.

It’s really sad because the idea of selling a popular clothing line and actually empowering women in a business is a great concept. I totally believe in entrepreneurship. But you really have to be careful.

So how to get out before it’s too late?

So you realize you are in a cultish MLM. Now start documenting everything. Try to talk to a lawyer if you can afford it or maybe a lawyer that might do this pro-bono. Read the contract you signed and see if there are any red flags there. If you find other members who are in your situation, collaborate. The more of you that get together, the stronger your voice will be. Stop contact with those above you so they can’t shame you or stir up your emotions. Get out of all social media and groups associated with the company. Sell off the rest of your inventory or give it away if you have too. Seek out others for support. You can do this!

Final Take Away: Always check out a company before you work for them. And if it requires you to change your appearance, lifestyle, spend more money than you have or overreaches into your family, run the other way!

Peace Love and Margaritas!

7 thoughts on “Red Flags That You Are In A MLM Cult And What You Should Do Next To Get Out Before It’s Too Late

  1. I have seen this suggested to me a fewt times, when I have time to even watch TV! And I am highly interested! I am actually a consultant for two different companies and I love them both! But I have never been pressured to do anything crazy or spend a bunch of money I don’t have. It’s just a thing I can do when I have time or use to get a discount for myself. It’s like you make money depending how hard you work your brand. But this sounds super interesting to me! I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing1

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  2. I was honestly just about to start watching this docuseries, as I kept hearing about it on Twitter. Crazy how many people (especially women) get sucked into MLMs with promises of riches, trips, and becoming an independent business owner. They’re all such a racket! Thanks for the review of this show.

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