Stand Up Comedy Could Save Your Life if the Karen’s Would Just Stay Home and Practice Being Kind

I have to tell you, writing a weekly witty, sarcastic, funny and stupendous post each week is not easy. Lately, I’ve had to watch what I write about because I don’t want to offend or embarrass anyone. Seems we’ve become a very sensitive and easily offended society these past few years. So there’s extra stress on me now. I usually write without a filter. I had always assumed people wanted to laugh at inappropriate stuff, laugh at themselves, laugh at everyone. Laughter was the best medicine…yada, yada, yada.

I typically love to watch comedians on stage. Watch how fast their minds work the crowd and when they bomb, most recover so nicely that you might not even notice. But there’s a new trend at comedy shows now. I’ve seen right many (southern grammar) posts of comedians being accosted on stage, during live performances. It’s very disturbing. Comedy is the last of the things in life that heal the soul. Now some A$$ Holes are ruining that too.

It’s been typically women. They hear the comedian tell a joke that may be a little risqué, then these ladies actually stand up and stop the act and commence to tell the comedian why they feel his/her joke is offensive and that the comedian needs to apologize to the room. Thankfully the room of comedy goers will boo the person for the interruption and staff/security has to come out and escort the heckler out the door. In one instance the heckler actually attacked the comedian after the show and the police had to be called. This is out of hand Y’all.

But I will say this, 2022 is looking up already. I really feel if people would get out more, be outdoors when the weather is nice, get a pet, stay in touch with friends and try to be more grateful, thankful and respectful of others, we might see a new trend. Happiness. I think we should try it.

Finally, for those who watch the news or read it online, stop. It’s what’s killing you. There is more to life than watching news that is really just a bunch of fearmongers looking for ratings. We all know how to best try and protect ourselves from Covid. Just keep moving along and spreading joy people! Make someone laugh today even if it’s slightly inappropriate. 🙂

Peace, Love and Margaritas! Here’s to 2022!

One thought on “Stand Up Comedy Could Save Your Life if the Karen’s Would Just Stay Home and Practice Being Kind

  1. I’ve recently noted, and it’s been confirmed by people who know me well, that I do laugh at inappropriate times!

    Self-analysis, again confirmed by friends, is that I laugh many times when I’m being negative, often about myself. Devil-child does the same thing, as the same friend was VERY quick to point out.

    At the least, this observation gives me fodder for a bloganuary post.

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