Unhappy With Your Job? Feeling Like No Sees or Hears You? It Might Be Time to Break Up with Your Job.

I’ve recently heard from some who hate their jobs. They feel unseen and unheard from upper management. Work overload, changes they weren’t prepared for, issues that aren’t being resolved or responded too the way these people feel they should… etc.

So these folks decide to bash the workplace, complain anonymously, listen to rumors, and some have even made veiled threats. I have to say, this only creates more division and stress in the workplace, within the employees and upper management. In other words, it’s not helpful.

The past few years (almost 3) of this pandemic has put a ton of stress and frustration on everyone. Businesses had to make changes they didn’t want and some couldn’t stay open at all. We should be extending grace but instead we are acting like spoiled, entitled people. Maybe the business or upper management isn’t the problem. Maybe we are. I know that’s tough to read. But consider it may be time to leave the old workplace behind and go in another direction. Where you feel more seen and heard. Maybe you think your current job is not creating a new culture that you envision. Maybe they are creating a new culture but one you can’t agree with.

You can create real change by moving on to the next chapter in your career and stop wasting time being angry and disgruntled. Take your talents and vision somewhere you are truly meant to be.

Stop hiding behind social media and being bitter. There are more job opportunities right now than ever before. Businesses and employers are looking for you right now.

As for your current employer, let them realize a new vision without you. Give them grace and space to recover from these past few years. Wish them well and everyone will find some peace. Isn’t that what everyone wants anyway?


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