Mental Health Check with a Side of Humor to Help Wipe Out the Recent Demons Without Performing an Exorcism

Disclaimer: For those of you with ADD/ADHD or you just plain hate to read, this is a very short post. I have your back!

Just when you think things are getting better, the devil opens up another portal. Hence the whole Amber Heard/Johnny Depp circus. We are dealing with mid-term elections, more comedians being attacked on stage, more mass shootings, Roe v. Wade, shortage of baby formula. The list goes on. So, we can all understand why everyone is grumpy and ill as a hornet’s nest. Mental health is a losing battle right now.

But I didn’t mean to bring you down. lol It’s time to refocus to keep our sanity. Even Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker made things better by getting married recently. If a Kardashian can do it….

What I think we really need to do, is stop watching/reading the news again and get outside and “play”. This past weekend our family went to a golf bar (Drive Shack) and hit balls, ate greasy bar food and drank beer. Made for a great night and lots of laughs. Although I stayed hyper vigilant because I was super afraid of family members who might lose control and I’d get hit in the head with a golf club. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

But we are back to work today and still recovering from the weekend. You have got to let go and get wild once in a blue moon. Or in our case this past weekend, a lunar eclipse. Don’t be afraid to have a good time with friends and family even though the world is till crumbling around us. So, what are YOU doing to stay mentally well?

Here’s a little comedic humor to get you through the week:

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