I Think We Could All Use a Chuckle or Two Right Now While This World Has PTSD and It Feels Like We are Living in a Season of ‘Stranger Things’. Twitter Never Disappoints!

It was a shitty week last week ending with a horrific school shooting. Heck, the past few 2 1/2 years have sucked outrageously. So, I thought I search out the funniest tweets for all of us to just take a minute to read and laugh, giggle or snort for a brief mental health break. If you are on Twitter, follow me (@mdlifemargarita) and the others here in this post.

Replace your airbag with an inflatable shark so that the paramedics can have a lil laugh.

Love dropping 200 bucks at the zoo so my kids can lose their shit when they see a pigeon.

My best friend just told me she hates me. Actually, she said she wants to go hiking but it’s the same thing.


my Fitbit just congratulated me on hitting my steps for the day. I’ve been swiping through TikTok for the last 45 minutes.

@Dadman Walking

Dear companies that put hanger strings on women’s t-shirts, Please cut that shit out. Sincerely, Women everywhere


Without me, my husband would still be lost in that IKEA.


The last layer of skin finally grew back on the roof of my mouth from that Hot Pocket I ate in 1985.


Left my emotional support crocs at home, feeling very vulnerable at this Trader Joe’s


I’m sorry I said you looked like Amber Heard if she fired her team of beauty professionals and lived off grid


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