Due to The World Still Spinning Out of Control and Burning up in The Atmosphere, there is no Post Today, But Enjoy These Funny Tweets to Get You Through.

As I try to write a well thought out post with lots of humor and educational value, I realize I have nothing, nada, zip. So, While I sit back and sip on my large Marg-arita and copy/paste funny tweets from my friends, I’ll be thinking about everyone in the coming week. Waiting for something good to happen. Not sure what. lol Enjoy!


Music festival? Not in this climate crisis.


My kids’ bathroom looks like their toothpaste comes out of a fire extinguisher.


It’s a shame I’ve never been picked to sit on a jury. I can tell if someone’s guilty just by looking at them.


tetris taught me to flip it and reverse it *before* i put my thing down


Let’s play a little game called Pimple or Monkey Pox?

And finally, a little fun video. Have a Happy Week!

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