My Neighbors are Like Living Through an Episode of American Horror Story and a List of Things I Highly Recommend This Week to Help with Self Care

Y’all. My upstairs neighbors that I used to call The Vampires, we are now calling them the Hippos. They still don’t ever sleep, but either they weigh a thousand pounds each or they really are hippos because no one, and I mean no one walks that loudly. All day. There is not enough square footage for them to walk around as much as they do either. I’ve only heard the bed squeak twice and all I could envision was two hippos wrestling in a king size bed. I still have nightmares. Like watching an Episode of American Horror.

The hippos now have added surround sound to their apartment. That means I feel every vibration and bass sound from any movie they watch now. At first, I thought it was thunder, then possibly an earthquake. I know you are wondering why I don’t just complain. Basically, it’s because my dog barks when he hears us outside and that’s annoying and also, I work from home and typically I get loud and swear a lot on the phone at stupid people at least twice a day. Obviously, I wait till I hang up. I’m not rude.

But it’s all good. Coffee keeps me from throttling anyone. Then Margaritas in the afternoon make me love everyone. In other news, we are on the countdown to my oldest kid’s wedding. 3 months from today! So far so good. No one’s back out yet and it should be the funnest wedding ever. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep you posted.

It gets harder to find the funny lately as you all can probably figure out. Our world is working hard to stay happy, but the evil people are working harder to keep us down. I was reminded of that yesterday when I finished up ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix. Highly recommend by the way. Other things I highly recommend this week are:

  1. Hello Fresh Food Delivery
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Netflix (Duh)
  4. Buying Movie Theater popcorn and taking it home to enjoy a cheaper movie on TV
  5. Cleaning out Your Inbox
  6. Deleting Fake Friends from Your social media
  7. Naps
  8. Checking your battery supply to make sure they all still work
  9. Pedicures
  10. Date Nights

That’s it for this week. Anything you all can recommend for me? Any funny stories in your past week? We all could use a funny or two! Drop in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a Video of what I think my neighbors are doing to me:

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

2 thoughts on “My Neighbors are Like Living Through an Episode of American Horror Story and a List of Things I Highly Recommend This Week to Help with Self Care

  1. OMGosh! That surround sound would be the end of me! I live in a condo and our old neighbor chose to install his surround sound TV on our shared bedroom wall! Talk about maddening. Sounded like trying to sleep in a movie theater because, of course, he was in his 20s and stayed up way later than we did. I was so relieved when he moved out and the quiet older couple moved in. This is why I want to retire in a shack somewhere near a lake. A girl can dream, right? Good luck with the hippos.

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