Do You Have a Spooky, Scary Story to Tell? Let Me Share Your Personal Tale! Plus, Halloween Frights and Sights that Would Scare even the Creepiest Devil Dog

This post is jammed packed with Halloween and Fall. I know it’s just the end of August, but I think we could all use a change in weather, attitude, clothes, coffee and the demons we summon up. (That was a joke). So, first things first. I am looking for up to 8 people to send me their personal, REAL, scary or paranormal stories. I want to publish one a week in my blog and credit you or we can do it anonymously in case you are worried about looking crazy and losing your job and friends. lol Here are the deets:

Story needs to be between 400-700 words. In Word format. No pictures unless they are your personal pictures that you have taken yourself. I will do the edits for grammar and spelling. Also send a short bio with your name and a little about yourself. Also, add your @’s for social media and website. Send to

If you know of anyone that has a great story, be sure to send them this and have them consider sending me their tale! If I choose you, I will let you know via email and when it will post. Are you excited? I am!!

Deadline for story submissions is SEPTEMBER 10, 2022!

Now let’s get down to the fun part. I just updated my Amazon Storefront with HALLOWEEN STUFF! Everything from Decor, Skeletons, Party Supplies, Costumes (kids and adults), CDs with scary music, Clothes, Socks, Hoodies to Leggins, Hats and all kinds of stuff! Check it out by clicking the Image below:

As far as movies go, I am still a big fan of ‘The Shining’. But if you want to learn a bit more about some haunted places to visit in the US, click on the link under the picture of the Stanley Hotel below and read more! The Stanley is the Hotel that the Shining is based on. Looks scary enough to me!

While all the scary stuff is awesome for people like me, the fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Cooler temps, changing leaf colors, pumpkin spice everything (my fav is pumpkin chocolate chip bread), sweaters and comfy jeans, football and tailgates. What does fall do for you? I think it’s a chance for all of us to lean into a more relaxed time to refocus and recharge. We could all use some of that am I right?

Fall is also the time of year for parents with kiddos to start the fall fundraisers, fall festivals, selling pumpkins and suffering carpool chaos. Not a fan. But some of you PTA moms are pretty damn awesome. So, cheering you on with a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte! Us empty nesters will be strolling the isles at Home Goods and Target looking for fall deals and having brunch with the ladies by the fire pit in the back yard.

Peace, Love and Pumpkin Spice Margaritas!

Enjoy this little Halloween ‘Ellen Show’ Funny:

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