New Topics to Discuss with Friends and Family That will Make You Seem More Interesting and Smarter than Normal.

I think we have talked Politics, Religion, Sex and Education to death over the past few years. Let’s shake things up and throw out some new topic ideas to discuss at the water cooler. Or if you work from home, you can do it over Zoom. People will assume you actually read and research a lot. They may start to take you more seriously and include you more in their cliques, AKA the popular crowds.

Let’s start with Animals & Mammels for 600 Alex.

  1. Splooting: When you see a squirrel lying flat on his tummy. This is normal. No, he’s not dead or playing dead to deter predators, he’s trying to cool off from all this climate change. It’s how they keep cool and reduce body heat. Kinda how we get necked and lay in front of a fan with ice packs all over us. Seems to be happing a lot in NY.
Splooting on a Saturday in NY

2. Should Scientist Bring Back an Extinct animal called the “Tasmanian Tiger”? They plan to use DNA and other sciency stuff and conjure up these coyote style predators and bring them back to life. You will have to google this for a picture. I mean, they went extinct for a reason, right? What other boundaries are we going to push? A real Jurassic Park? I mean I’d be up to go to that.

3. Girl Scouts introduce a new cookie flavor. Raspberry infused. Because this makes the world happy. Damn girl scouts run the world basically.

4. Quiet Quitting. A TikTok trend or has it been around a long time? What is quiet quitting? It’s when you decide to no longer go above and beyond in your job. Work is not your life and doing just what your job description says should be enough to please your employer and save your mental health and keep from burnout. Some say it’s a TT trend but honestly, I think it’s been going on for many years. And has picked up in popularity since Covid showed up. No more “hustle” culture. And while that seems like a great idea for work/life balance, it could end up boring us to death in our jobs. So, what say you?

5. Lastly, new drinking game: What new virus will hit us next? This can be a betting style game, drinking game or better yet, you can play, “Never Have I Ever Had _____” and fill in the virus you haven’t had yet and all your friends who have, have to take a shot. Don’t come at me in the comments. I seriously have run out of Ef’s to give. 🙂

Peace, Love and Margaritas Y’all!

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