Hey! I Got Something to Tell You!


Hey You!

 I just want to say a Big Ass Thanks! I want you to know that I never take any of you for granted. I appreciate everyone’s support on my crazy ideas and ventures and my little blog. I appreciate all the love, follows, reposts and all the encouraging comments. I also appreciate all of you that tell me you love hearing about my family shenanigans including my Thing 1 & 2 stories. I know some of you say nice things just to be kind but at least you take the time to say them.

 Please know my life is not always fun and perfect. Yes I have stuff that goes on in my life, just like you, but I try to stay positive and find the humor in every situation. Not everyone can do that when their life goes to shit. So I hope my stories and little memes I post can at least make you chuckle on the daily. 

 I get a kick out of running into people (whether it’s a football game, Target or even my favorite liquor store), that say they love my blog or how something my kids did made them laugh. It warms my heart when someone says my stories made their day a little better. So I want to thank you. Cuz when that happens, it makes my day better. 

 This world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but we can still laugh at those bitches right? As long as laughs and alcohol are free, we can get through this thing called life. (See what I did there? RIP Prince). 

 Keep sharing, reposting and commenting on my stuff. I need the ego boost once in a while. 🙂


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