If This Week Sucked, Read This.


Here at Midlife Margaritas we are completely over this past week. Time to heal, no matter how you voted. Take a deep breath and pour yourself an extra large cocktail. Life is about how you live it. So let’s get back to making fun of our friends behind their backs and gossiping about how dysfunctional our families are. No one has any idea of what our future holds. But it will be less painful if we can get back to laughing. A good belly laugh and a tall drink is what is called for. So, Here is a list of things I found funny this past week:

The above is from That’s Inappropriate on FB. Love her!

Then there is this crazy mom. This is also my new morning workout…

And there’s this from Darren Knight on Facebook. He’s aka Southern Mom. Love his humor:

Oh for you moms of younger kids, we can’t forget the best parenting advice from Imomsohard on FB!

That’s all I got peeps. I hope these videos have brightened your day/week. Life is hard out there. Don’t let them get to you, a cocktail a day keeps the bitches away, kickass and take names, live your life like a boss! And remember:


No the Batman quote doesn’t make much sense. But after a few beers it made me laugh. Plus I love the Batman symbol. Have a great week!

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