Ten Unconventional Things I’m Thankful For.


Yes, we are all thankful for friends, family, food, shelter, health, kids etc. BUT, are you thankful for the things that you maybe take for granted? I know we all take every one of the things mentioned above for granted and we shouldn’t. Did I just scold you? lol But really. If you can get in the habit of being Thankful and Grateful more often, your life will improve. It will improve even more if you are thankful, grateful and have a daily cocktail. ūüėČ Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyhoo, here’s a list of ten things¬†I’m ¬†thankful for everyday.¬† Feel free to let me know what your list would have on it!

  1. Toilet Paper. Yes, there is no way I could survive without it. Maybe some of you people who “camp” can use leaves or socks but not me. I am a little more classy. I need that double ply stuff.
  2. The Ability to Laugh. If I didn’t see humor in everything, I would lose my shit on the daily. Laughter is the best medicine and while not everything is meant to be funny, it still makes me look hard and eventually I find the humor. It may be way inappropriate but I can’t help myself.
  3. Handbags. Ok ladies, I will buy a lot of things from Target or Walmart but my handbags are my Kryptonite. If it’s locked behind glass with a sensor on it and costs a lot of money, then add it to my Christmas list! I am a handbag snob!
  4. Grey Hair. It just proves I am aging like a fine wine. Each event in my life has given me lots of it and I earn more strands as a mom of boys.
  5. Hair Color. Ok while I am thankful for my grey hair, it is not thankful for me. Giving me new cowlicks and wiry¬†strands that pop up all over the place and is no longer manageable, a little color and it’s all back in place. ūüôā
  6. Peanut Butter & Jelly. If the world were to end today and zombies started to really take over the world, I could survive off PB&J. It has all the nutrition you would need in a zombie apocalypse. Am I right Walking Dead fans?
  7. My Planner Stickers. Since I discovered planner stickers (stickers you can add to your calendars to make them pretty),¬†my world has changed. No more blah looking calendar dates. They even make little stickers for doctor’s appointments and note taking!¬†Makes¬†calendar¬†reminders so much fun.¬†And addictive.
  8. Starbucks. Seriously. I would¬†go without¬†my iPhone for a daily Starbucks. ¬†Wait, I take that back. OMG. If I had to choose between the two to save my life…my last will and testament is filed in my desk drawer.
  9. Yoga Pants. I have found  yoga pants for curvy girls and the best part is you can dress them up with dress shoes and NO ONE can tell! Most. Awesome. Thing. Ever!
  10. Finally, the last thing on my list that I am thankful for all the time is of course, frozen Margarita Buckets! You mix it up, freeze it and it’s always there when you need him it! Plan ahead with 2 buckets and invite friends over anytime and look like an awesome hostess.

So friends, this is my awesome list¬†of Thankfulness that most of us don’t usually give thanks for.¬†In the spirit of Thanksgiving Week, I hope you have your list ready. Cuz, Santa is watching. Cheers!

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