Can’t. I’m watching an argument on my Facebook right now.


I have been snowed/iced in my house now for 2 days. Before that I had the flu for a week. So I have really let myself go and have given up on my domestic duties. BUT I have Facebook to keep me entertained!

This past year has been the best for drama with the election and all. The bickering and name calling and ‘fact checkers’ make for awesome fun. I love reading the comments under the posts. I pour a big cup of coffee and grab a snack and sit back and watch the drama unfold. I can literally do this for hours. I do mute the crazy conversations that get out of hand and try to stick to the really fun ones. Am I the only one that does this?

Just last week I cleaned up my personal FB page and deleted some people. It had to be done y’all. The ones that are only friends with you to stalk you, who want to always comment on your posts that are meant to be funny but they take offense and tell you about it. Gone. Ain’t got no time for that! lol

But I LOVE Facebook. You get to see how people really are by their comments and oh! the things they share! Like those chain letter things? If you don’t share this with 3 people then you must hate animals and people with cancer and you won’t be blessed with money etc. Also the ones that send out posts from those fake news sources. Check your stuff before you send it out to the world people. lol Or not. Either way I get to laugh about it. I do love the posts that are sappy sweet and make you cry though. I can go through a full range of emotions on Facebook in less than 20 minutes. It’s exhausting but it makes me feel alive! ~Maybe I should get out more. lol

And when it snows. Oh. My. Gosh. lol Every picture and video is of SNOW. lol The dog outside running in the snow, the kids making snow angels and the pretty snow on the deck, front porch, car, trees…lol We get it. I do it too. It’s so much pressure! Then one of my cousins said I should do a Facebook live from my deck while making a snow angel. WTH? First, I haven’t even tried out FB live but what’s more insane is I don’t even LIKE snow. Why would I go outside and make a snow angel and go live with that? Why would I go outside? lol

In fact I have had several people ask me when am I going to try Facebook live. The answer is, I have no idea. I’m just over here like trying to blog and not embarrass my family too much. Can you imagine me doing the live thing? Thing 2 said he would have to go to a different school. Thing 1 is in college and he said to go ahead but not use my real name. lol

So in other news today:

  • Christmas Tree is still up. (Christmas storage is outside, way across the backyard and we can’t get to it in the ice storm)
  • I haven’t left my house is 9 days. Thanks flu.
  • My dog didn’t want to go off the deck in the snow to potty so he just peed on the deck.
  • Trying to find a fast food place open in this ice storm so we don’t have to eat leftovers again.
  • The dog just threw up in the snow, on the deck. Yay.

Thanks for reading my blog. I can’t believe anyone does. It’s just me rambling on about crap while I’m having my daily cocktail. But I’m glad you do. I always appreciate your feedback, emails and the peeps who say they can relate. Makes me feel almost normal. 🙂 Cheers!


Thing 2 in the Ice Storm of 2017




13 thoughts on “Can’t. I’m watching an argument on my Facebook right now.

  1. Look at me getting straight in here with a comment! You’ve barely finished clicking ‘publish’!! I too am in the house, not due to snow or ice (mind you in England we only need an inch and the whole country comes to a standstill!) but due to trying to do some work. Unfortunately I keep getting side-tracked by blog type stuff, which I enjoy a lot more than work. I find FB goes from one extreme to the other. I’m either loving hearing about friends who’ve moved away or I’m hating seeing people’s new cars, their dinner (seriously??) or being asked to touch a bloody angel. WTF? Anyway, I enjoyed your post. 🙂

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    1. Lol thanks! I only put food pictures on Instagram. Just reading Facebook some days makes me question how some folks made it through elementary school. Lol like a train wreck though. Can’t look away!


  2. Love it. When we were kids we hung out at the Dairy Queen ’cause that’s where the cool kids were. Now we hang out on Facebook ’cause underneath those layers of irony,sympathy, tragedy and life’s lessons lost we’re still the cool kids. cheers

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