The Greatest Show on Earth is Coming to an End?! WTH Ringling Bros?


So you’re just going to give up? Ringling Bros say it ain’t so! You were my childhood. You inspired my imagination and gave me reason to love scary clowns. You gave me lions and tigers and bears! Oh My! And now you’re going to just peace out on us?

First it was getting rid of the elephants. Those activist got to you, you caved. (please do not send me hate mail. this is from my 8 yo mind talking. I know about the abuse allegations and love the elephants to much to really want it to continue but my 8 yo mind is crying right now).


The elephant walk. I remember as a kid getting to the train right next to  where the circus was to watch the elephants walk from the trains to the big top. Those massive gentle giants holding trunk to tail and walking across the road. I literally couldn’t breathe until they were gone. They were beautiful and seemed so happy. But no more.

The clowns all shoved into that little car. They were there to make you laugh but after 140+ years you all know they scared most of the little kids and some of the adults too. What grown ass man dresses like a clown for a living? A big top clown! They scared the bejesis out of me but they prepared me for life. Any kids parties with a clown, I was a no show. Then the clown in the movie IT by Stephen King, reminded me once again of all those clowns in that car. Now you see them everywhere. Just standing there. Waiting to eat little children. Thank you circus!

Circus%20Clowns via <a”>They are all creepy!

All those years I went to the circus, then I grew up and took my kids. It was a magical place with so much going on in three rings! Any kid that is ADHD was in love. It was non stop action. The many generations of high-wire walkers, acrobats swinging from their hair. THEIR HAIR! The clowns, the Lions who were under the control of the lion master. I secretly wanted a tiger to break away and jump up near me so I could be the lion whisperer and save the circus. Never happened (sad face). The popcorn and peanuts that were so overpriced. The smell of the hay and elephant poop. What kid didn’t dream of joining the circus?

Fun Fact: My grandfather ran away and joined the circus when he was a kid. His job was taking care of the elephants and scooping the poop. I think an uncle did the same. Not sure.

I have visited the Ringling Bro’s Sarasota, FL. home base and often thought of getting a job at the headquarters in the off season. What a life. But as an adult I think it would be a tough life. Raising kids in that life would have it’s obstacles too. But no matter what, I love the Greatest Show on Earth. I will miss the circus when it ends. No other circus can compare to Ringling. None. I am glad I have those memories. And a healthy fear of clowns.

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*B/W Clowns credit: Photos o’ Randomness (Click Photo for info) -CC License

*Elephant Pic: photo credit: Chris Devers (Click Photo for info)-CC License

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Show on Earth is Coming to an End?! WTH Ringling Bros?

  1. Wonderful trip down memory lane. I loved the elephants. I went so many times to the big top. Sadly when they came to Fayetteville it wasn’t so great more a motorcycle exhibit. Wish they could have found a way. Thanks for the memories.

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  2. I had the same reaction to this news. I have so many great memories of seeing the circus when I was a child but now, as an adult, I understand the issues surrounding exploitation of the animals. Sea World is stopping their Shamu show, too. Still, I’d like to visit the museum in Sarasota some day.

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