September, Earth, Wind & Fire and Princess Diana.


I know the title is a bit crazy but then again we have all determined I’m a little cray-cray myself. Whenever September rolls around, (It’s also my birthday month) I wake up almost everyday singing that song by Earth, Wind & Fire. Remember these lyrics?

Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the mind of pretenders

While chasing the clouds away
Our hearts were ringing

In the key that our souls were singing
As we danced in the night
Remember, how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeahIf you aren’t old enough to remember that song here’s the video so you can keep it locked in your head all month:

You’re welcome.

It’s a great month here in North Carolina. The kids are back in school and the weather is slightly cooler (slightly like 89 degrees instead of 99) and it’s my birthday month. Did I already say that? But there is also a lot that has happened just recently that I’ve been reflecting on. 

Labor Day: Today is Labor Day here in the US. We are supposed to be celebrating Labor. I’m not really sure why except it’s an awesome day to not labor at all. Except for eating and drinking. That’s the only labor I’ll be doing today. Celebrating all things finger foods and cocktails! So Happy Labor Day everyone and I think you might want to not labor very hard come Tuesday when you’re back at work. 

Flood/Hurricane Harvey/Texas: We just witnessed the worst hurricane disaster ever in Texas. The flooding is unbelievable and devastating. BUT it’s also the best time to see our country come together to show love to those affected in Texas! I haven’t seen this much love and support since 9/11 (that remembrance is coming up soon too). Although the thought that once we get Texas back on track will we forget all that love and compassion and go back to being hateful assholes like we’ve seen on the news this last year? I hope not.

Princess Diana: What can I say here. She was my fav Royal. I want to believe that it was all a conspiracy theory but I think it was a terrible accident caused by bad decisions on a lot of people’s parts. She was beautiful, haunted, loving and a very giving soul. She died too young. I am so happy to see her boys carrying on but it has affected them. I also think her death softened the Queen’s heart just a smidge. Still not a Camilla fan though. I mean what man would give up Diana for Camilla? I mean didn’t his friends say to him, “yo Charlie, what the F were you thinking dude”? Oh well….At least we have Kate now.

Taylor Swift: Did she just drop a new album? I think she is one smart, hard-ass woman. She writes songs about everyone who wrongs her and they have to hear it in every club, radio station and concert they go to! lol Me, I write about the crappy people in my life and they don’t even read my blog. So Taylor gets to annoy her enemies all the time and my enemies ignore me. That’s ok. I’ll just send Taylor some song lyrics and have her sing them for me and everyone will know Midlife Margaritas is getting even with those bitches through Taylor Swift. (What? I can do it. I have stalkers connections.)

Then there was the big Solar Eclipse and now College Football. So September has had some highlights already and some great things will be happening. I promise you. I mean who isn’t going to Target, Wal-Mart and Michael’s this week to get all your Halloween decorations? We have to be ready. Show your fall spirit! Because any day now the Christmas stuff comes out. Word of caution: if anyone tells me they have all their Christmas presents bought already, I will block you. There is no need to be that organized. You’re just basically showing off and think you are better than all the other moms. Seriously girl, chill and have a pumpkin spice latte and calm the hell down. 

Anyway, that’s my post for the week. I wish you all a great September. Do good things, donate to the Red Cross or something for Texas and don’t be an asshole to others. Love everyone to death. 

Cheers for now!

16 thoughts on “September, Earth, Wind & Fire and Princess Diana.

  1. Good things happening in September, and it has only just started. My son is a Taylor Swift fan, so he’s been begging to download that album.
    Missing Diana as well – that’s what made me visit your blog, your contgribution to Coach Daddy’s 6 word challenge.
    Happy Birthday!

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  2. Oh, I loved this… Made me think of when I first heard of Diana’s accident… The town I grew up in was the town the Royals used to ski and we all almost considered them locals. They always were very down to earth, especially Diana. It was a shocking moment to hear what had happened to her and then everything in the aftermath…

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  3. Just popping over from A Momma’s View. September is a great month (sorry, not sorry, Oct. is my fave). I found an article about a couple living in Oregon who have been married for 74 years. The fun part is that their names are Harvey and Irma! Here’s to hoping for a fast/safe recovery for everyone down south!

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  4. That’s when music was music! I think your last paragraph should be hung over the front door of everyone’s house forever. We should slap it on our way out into the world.

    Never ever forget Pippa Middleton. If things were just a little different for her and for me …

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