Sharing a Little Secret With You Today. Just Don’t Spread it Around the Interwebs.


Yesterday I left my house without coffee. Once I made it to work, I felt the withdrawals coming on. I guess that means I’m addicted to coffee again. Back in college I could down 2 pots of coffee before lunch. Man I was driven and focused back then! I could accomplish so much with that wonderful, delicious brown fuel! Then, after college, I gave up coffee. I was too jittery and was always looking for a fix. When I drank the left over cold coffee from my roommate’s cup (left on the kitchen counter for how many days I don’t even know), I knew then I had to stop. I had to find a new hobby or addiction to get over the caffeine high I had grown to need on the reg.

I didn’t like the person I had become. Self-centered and only worried about me and where that next cup of coffee was coming from. So I had to change. It was so hard at first but I was able to kick the habit. No more coffee. I had moved on to Diet Mountain Dew. I know, I know, it has lots of caffeine too. But I couldn’t quit the caff cold turkey. You know what I mean? So I weaned myself off the Dew after about a year.ย 

Fast forward some 20+ years and I am back on the fuel. My mistake was trying a pod. Yep, Keurig coffee pods. OMG. How genius. You just pop a pod in the machine and it comes out perfect every time. I was hooked again. I was officially back on the Joe, Mud, Brew, Jitter Juice, Liquid Energy, High Octane, or whatever you want to call it. Coffee, I missed you. I know most people get excited about new technology, but going from pot to pod blew. my. mind.

I guess what I am trying to say is, everything is ok in moderation. Coffee, Cocktails, Shopping, Cupcakes. All in moderation friends. Sometimes I go a little overboard on the cocktails but I make sure I always have a DD (UBER). So there you have it. One of my dirty little secrets. My addictive personality. And by the way, today’s pod is Krispy Kreme Smooth.ย 

What’s one of your little secret addictions? I promise not to tell.ย 

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