Diversity in the Blogosphere. Tell Your Story.

What's Your Story_

I love to read. Books, blogs, articles, you name it. I love it. The stuff I read can be inspiring, funny, emotional, witty, confusing, scary and angry all in one day. Some days I feel like my head is going to explode from all the content and emotion. There are so many wonderful writers out there, telling their struggles and life experiences. And I’m over here writing about shitty parenting and cocktails like a basic suburban mom. 

But that’s ok. We don’t all have to be alike. I love all our differences. We can all learn so much from what we read and who we meet. There are the postpartum moms, recovering alcoholic/drug addiction parents, stay-at-home dads, single parents, out-of-a job people, cancer survivors and not-going-to survive cancer people, working moms, funny moms (me, ha) crazy dads etc. the list goes on. You can find and identify with any writer/author. 

Stop feeling alone, get inspired, commiserate with someone in your shoes, help someone you feel is in need. But Margarita Mom, I don’t have time to read all day? You have time. You need to make time. Let your kids see you reading. Let your family see you helping. Teach a little empathy to the kiddos. Enjoy what you read and laugh a little (a lot)! Have a cocktail or coffee and relax. What is so important that you can’t let it go for a while and dream? (take a nap). 

Get inspired! If you write or used to write, start it back up! Someone out there wants to hear your story. There are readers waiting for you to inspire them. So many people say, “I would love to blog but there are so many blogs out there, who will find me”? It’s diverse out there in the land of blogs and parenting websites. There is always room for you. (Just try to use correct grammar). Yes, there will be haters. People who will criticize your journey and opinions. I get those too. I’ve been told I drink too much and cuss too much. Screw them! (I was good and didn’t use the F word there. See?) 

Maybe I suck at parenting, but at least my kids laugh. A lot. And we communicate. We still do family dinners and they still hug me and tell me they love me.  So I think I’m doing ok in the parent department. Not stellar but pretty damn good. I don’t drink as much as I would like. I substitute coffee when I can’t have a cocktail, I never drink and drive and my liver is in good shape. Sometimes I feel cocktails actually make me a nicer person. So I don’t think I drink too much. My doctor says I am average in that department.  So take that you critic bastards! 

My point (although I usually just rant with no point) is that everyone has a story to tell, and that story can help someone else. And if you can make money off that story, bonus! Find your “tribe” or “inner circle” and keep them close. Feed your relationships, love your family (yep, even the kids teenagers). Keep positive and inspired. Love what you do, and if you don’t, stop doing it. 

Just tell your story. Cheers!

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