The Month of Love, Super Bowl LII & ‘This Is Us’

Love Month

Hello Again!!!!!!!!!

We have a lot to talk about today. But first, Disclaimer: Because I may or may not have had a lot to drink at the Super Bowl party last night, I can’t be held responsible for anything I write, misspell, or anyone I offend in this post. 🙂

It’s February, the month of love. So many of you are already wanting to stop right here, but hear me out. Yes, It’s a Hallmark holiday and they will make a bazillion more dollars, but what’s wrong with that? Some of us can’t remember to show love to our significant others on any day so why not at least do it on V-day? You don’t have to buy a card you know. Make one! If you have kids you must have some artish materials, right? Buy a sweet little gift from the dollar store. Make dinner for your “other” or just go out. Stop bitching about how everyone should show and say ‘I love you’ everyday. Nobody does that. 

What if you don’t have an ‘other’? Celebrate with a good friend or just wear red. Go to a retirement home and ask if they have any old married couples there and take them some freaking cupcakes! But stop bitching! Oy vey my head hurts..

So let’s get right to the Super Bowl. Was that a great game? I mean you had to at least love that the underdog finally got a trophy. Not sure why the fans felt the need to do damage around town during the celebration though. I have never wanted to break something when I was happily intoxicated. Except that one time that girl tried to flirt with my man. I set her straight. She even moved out-of-town. 🙂

Stop hating on Justin. He did a fantastic half-time show. No half-naked women or wardrobe malfunctions. His tribute to Prince was awesome. Lighting up the buildings around the area in purple gave me chills. I know people believe there was beef between Justin and Prince in the past but the fact he paid respect to Prince in this way was perfect. Now, I do have to agree that he needs to stop shopping at the Old West Cowboy Store. I mean come on. Let’s get back to that suit & tie JT. 

Pink sang the National Anthem and I got chills then too. The girl was suffering from the flu and handled her stuff all the same. If I had the flu I would not even get out of the bed. But I don’t bring home her paychecks either. All in all the Super Bowl was pretty damn good. So was the food and cocktails at the party I attended. 

My favorite commercial was this one:

Finally, ‘This Is Us’. I don’t watch the show because I watched ‘Parenthood’ years ago which was kinda the same. It was so good but tore my emotions to hell. I can’t handle that anymore. Plus I am heavily involved in a lot of Netflix binges at the moment. I may need an intervention. But for all of you that do watch Us, good for you. I hope your nerves stay intact and your favorite leading characters never die. 

PS…I still use my crock pot without the fear of my house catching fire. 🙂

Cheers Y’all!

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